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Used Car Depreciation

Unlike other assets which commonly increase in value, a car, even a used car, continues to depreciate. They will continue to depreciate all the way down to their raw materials, which is the basic scrap metal. Also, unlike other assets, a car’s depreciation is usually only felt at the time that it is sold or […]

The Debut of the 2019 Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade entered the compact SUV market in 2015.  Jeep engineered the Renegade to be a vehicle capable of taking drivers on any adventure they could imagine. It is the first Fiat Chrysler vehicle to be built by a collaborative team of designers and engineers from the United States and Italy. The Renegade’s adventurous […]

The GMC Acadia Aims to Impress

GMC has long been known as a truck manufacturer, but that all began to change in 2007, when the automaker rolled out its first crossover vehicle. Even more importantly, rather than using a truck platform, GMC built its first crossover on a car platform. That new crossover sports utility vehicle was the GMC Acadia. Since […]

Settling the Ford vs Chevy Debate

Most people have heard the expression, “There are two kinds of people,” which is typically referring to personal preference, such as between brands or flavors. For example, there are people who prefer chocolate to vanilla, Android over iPhone, or Target to Wal-Mart. However, most of these rivalries are topped by the one between Ford people […]

Ford Focus Takes 2018 by Storm

The 2018 Ford Focus is a fun driving experience. It’s a great car for long distance road trips because it’s roomy, and it gets great gas mileage and has excellent performance. The ride itself, especially at high speeds, is completely smooth and quiet—perfect for alternating driving shifts while the passenger takes a nap. The hatchback […]