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The Honda Civic Is Back With a Bang for 2025!

The Honda Civic is the best-selling compact car in America, and it earned that position largely thanks to its exceptional efficiency. When it first debuted in 1972, the Civic shocked the world by meeting emissions standards without any of the power-choking emissions equipment American manufacturers were using. Given that history, it’s somewhat remarkable that the […]

A 2024 Honda HR-V Buyer’s Guide

When you think of a reliable car, which vehicle comes to mind? More likely than not, you thought of a Honda. Known for their durability, longevity, and efficiency, Honda vehicles are beloved by their drivers for these and many other reasons, including versatility, easy maintenance, and affordability. This is why so many drivers have flocked […]

2024 Honda Odyssey Buyer’s Guide

There was a time when minivans ruled the roads. The suburban streets were filled with these practical and dependable vehicles that offered space beyond your imagination. Soccer moms and basketball dads could chauffer their children around town, from school to team practice and local shopping malls, safely and easily. Like all ages, this one came […]

The Best Honda SUVs to Buy Used

Finding an affordable used vehicle to get you through the rigamarole of the local commute might seem like a daunting task. Potential buyers find themselves inundated with choice after choice of pre-owned models that claim to blend comfort, versatility, and dependability—but do they? As your friendly Honda dealer would clamber to tell you, no brand […]

Best Sedan Buys for 2024

In a world that’s always on the hunt for bigger and better, it’s all too easy to forget about the reliable old favorites. The growth of the SUV and pickup segments has come at the cost of sedan sales, which have been on a steady decline since 2002. The segment is hardly the industry juggernaut […]

The Best SUV Buys for 2024

A new year means a fresh new slate of cars, trucks, and SUVs, and 2024 is no different. From returning favorites to enticing new options — including a record number of hybrid and EV models — there’s a lot to get excited about as we look forward to the coming model year. Driven by the […]