What’s a Drag-Ready Jeep Look Like? Badass!

When you see the name Jeep, what comes to mind? Woods, mountains, mud, and off-road trails most likely flash in your mind’s eye. Adventure also comes to mind, I’m sure. Now, combine the Jeep name with the CJ-7 model, which was in production from 1976-1986. You’re probably thinking of an old, yet lovingly cared for [...]

2017 Renegade Desert Hawk – Cooler Than Limited Edition Trailhawk

In 2016, Jeep released a couple of limited edition versions of the Renegade: the Altitude and Desert Hawk. While the Altitude was so-so, the Desert Hawk really stood out as a model. Cool, unique, it helped the Renegade put Jeep further ahead of the compact SUV segment. Many sources say both the Altitude and Desert Hawk [...]

3 Reasons to Grab a Used Jeep Cherokee For an Off-Road Adventure

Typically, it’s the Jeep Wrangler that’s always picked first in its class when it comes to a rugged off-road vehicle. But, even used Wranglers can be expensive, especially if they’re modded. Where does that leave you? Either shelling out half your bank account for a used car, or buying a used Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee is not [...]

Here’s What a Fully-Loaded AEV Jeep Wrangler Looks Like and Costs

Ever wonder what a fully-loaded AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) 20th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler Unlimited looks like? Or costs? Well, I can tell you. The price point might make your heart skip a beat, since it’s to the tune of $100,000. That's more expensive than some base-price (or even mid-level trim), high-end luxury vehicles and performance cars. [...]

Off-Roaders/ Here’s the Real Reason a Used JK Wrangler is the Way to Go

In case you aren’t aware about the different types of used Jeep Wrangler generations floating around on the market, I’ll fill you in. There are multiple generations defined by a pair of numbers: CJ, YJ, TJ/LJ, and JK. What are they based on? They’re all chassis codes for the different generations. Two of the most popular Wrangler [...]