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Jeep Wrangler Tops: Uncovering Your Perfect Fit

People love the Jeep brand when it comes to versatility, and the choices aren’t just for those drivers looking to splash out big bucks for a new ride, either. Even when browsing for a used Jeep Wrangler for sale, you’ve got many options, from the tires to the top, to make it your own! With the Wrangler, it’s easy to get open-air freedom when you want it or coverage when necessary, thanks to Jeep’s excellent selection of tops designed for your lifestyle.

So which is which? How to choose? Are you someone who seeks a thrill at every turn? A convertible soft top or even an advanced Sky One-Touch Power Top might be exactly what you need. What if you live in a colder climate? A hard top is better at keeping the warmth in and the chill out when temperatures fluctuate.

Whether you’re a die-hard off-roader craving the feel of the wind in your hair or a comfort seeker who wants a cozy cabin with modern conveniences, getting the right top for your Wrangler is essential and not one you want to compromise on. With a diverse range of choices available, from soft tops to hardtops and everything in between, finding the right fit for your lifestyle might feel daunting, but that’s where we come in! We’re here to help you navigate Wrangler’s top options so you can pick the right match for your drive style!

Hard or Soft Top? A Look at the Pros and Cons

The two top things to consider before getting down to the nitty-gritty are whether you want a hardtop or a soft top for your Wrangler. Both look great on the iconic boxy Wrangler, so you can’t really go wrong in the aesthetics department. If you live in an area with extreme winters and summers, a hardtop might be ideal for your daily driver. A hardtop helps keep your Jeep Wrangler cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter since it offers advanced installation compared to the soft top options.

But what if you want that open-air feel sometimes but coverage the next? If you’re unfamiliar with the Wrangler, you’ll be happy to know that all Wranglers are convertibles, and the tops, hard or soft, can be removed. When removing a single piece hardtop, it might be a little more involved than the soft top, but with a few tools and a helper, it’s possible to open up your ride and let in the sun when the weather is just right. If you like the idea of a hardtop, make sure you keep in mind you need a safe space to store the top out of the elements when it is not in use.

As for soft tops, they are easier to open up and store since they can be folded, making them a favorite choice for drivers on the go seeking maximum versatility. Over the years, soft tops have been offered in a variety of styles and materials, so it’s easy to get one that fits your preferences.

When you’re in the market for a pre-owned Wrangler, you’re bound to see soft tops offered in materials that range from vinyl, denim, sailcloth, and twill, depending on the year and the model. A twill soft top is more of an upscale material and, therefore, often more expensive; it is thought to offer increased protection against changing temperatures, while a sailcloth top is great for muffling noise. Denim tops were an upgrade from vinyl and offered the iconic good look drivers love but with increased durability and great muffling.

A popular used Jeep Wrangler for sale, a blue 2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Rubicon is shown parked off-road.

Top Styles and Options to Consider

Both hardtops and soft tops can be had as one piece or multiple pieces (known as Freedom Panels) to make opening and closing easier. So what’s ideal for you? The hardtop can be a one-, two-, or three-piece, depending on the year and model. While the one-piece is completely removed, a two-piece section means you can remove the front panel that covers the driver and front passenger while leaving the rear section covered if preferred. The three-piece hard top option is made up of three panels and allows further flexibility when it comes to coverage options. Thanks to Jeep’s innovative Freedom Panels, it’s simple for a single driver to remove sections of the hardtop roof if they’re driving solo and want to open up the roof.

When considering a hardtop, don’t overlook the idea of the Sunrider option. The Sunrider roof design is available in both hardtop and soft top. But considering a single-piece hardtop or multiple roof panels can be challenging for some drivers to remove and store, the Sunrider is a great option. The Sunrider top design replaces a hard panel and means drivers can easily fold the section backward to open up the top over the driver’s and front passenger’s seats to let in nature.

As for the hard top options, whether it’s a single piece or multiple pieces with the Sunrider design, you get color options. The hard top can be black or colored to match the Wrangler body. Adding the Sunrider feature means you would get a black folding panel that could create a nice contrast to your Wrangler body color or make a more uniform all-black hue.

When it comes to the soft top, you’ve got choices, including a Sunrider zipperless or classic black top. Typically, the Wrangler is offered with a black top or more subtle tones like gray or blue on some older models. However, in the last few years, drivers have been able to upgrade their soft tops with options like Pebble and Red Pepper for a more personalized appearance.

Don’t think that’s enough choice? No problem. Jeep has taken it a step further with the Sky One-Touch Power Top. This is the go-to answer for those who like to keep the possibilities open. It makes opening up your roof fast and easy. Going for a ride but worried about the rain forecast? No problem! The soft Sky One-Touch Power Top folds back with the push button! The roof retracts completely to the cargo area, delivering a great view for everyone. But if the rear passengers crave shade while you want some sun, it’s possible to position the roof in the right place to make everyone a happy rider. When convenience is at the top of your list, check that box with the soft cover Sky One-Touch Power Top.

A green 2022 Jeep wrangler High-Tide is shown parked near an ocean.

The Right Top for Your Wrangler

No matter your lifestyle and personal preferences, the Wrangler makes it easy to put on a top that is the perfect fit. Selecting the ideal Wrangler roof for your driving style is a decision not to be taken lightly, but one Jeep makes it possible. Thanks to the Wrangler’s wide variety of top styles, materials, and options, it’s easy to customize your Wrangler to fit your life, so you get the most from your time behind the wheel.

Drivers can get their hands on the most advanced roof option, the Sky One-Touch Power Top, to really add freedom and convenience to their day. Getting into nature and enjoying the full view is fun and delivered to your fingertips. With one push of the button, you can be bathed in the warm sun, a soft breeze, and the beautiful blue sky. If it looks like a storm is approaching, no worries! The soft cover closes quickly (even at speeds up to 60 mph) to give you cover when you need it the most!

Whether you opt for a soft roof in traditional black, you want to add the Sunrider style choice, or you crave a hardtop with freedom panels for easy removal and extra installation, each top choice brings with it the power to transform your next adventure into something unforgettable. When you consider factors like climate durability, flexibility, and budget, it’s easier to choose the right top to elevate your Wrangler and push the boundaries of your experience. So hit the road, the trail, or the sand dunes with confidence, knowing that your new Wrangler is decked out with the right top to tackle whatever Mother Nature and the road has in store.