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How Does A Trade-In Work?

Buying a car may be a long-term commitment, but eventually, the time will come to switch to a new vehicle. Whether you’re looking to size up, get something more fuel-efficient, take advantage of modern tech features, or simply try a different model, buying a new vehicle means that you’ll have to do something with your […]

Finding a Good Car Loan

One of the most important parts of buying a new car is finding good financing terms. However, finding good financing can be even more difficult than finding a good car. The math behind loans can be complicated, and shopping between lenders can be difficult. But if you take your time and pay attention to the […]

15 of the Best Cars under $10k

Shopping for cars with a price tag of $10k or less can be rough. It certainly limits your options and can sometimes seem hopeless – but fortunately there are some really great opportunities out there for affordable, quality cars at a reasonable price. You should widen your search as much as possible, though your best bet will […]

Car Buying 101

For many first-time buyers, the car buying experience can seem really intimidating. This perspective is reasonably fair, as to the uninformed, there is plenty to take into account. From the complication of being told to ‘buy at the dealership, and pay at the financial institution,’ to finding a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, or to the […]