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New 2020 Models from Cadillac

If you have ever searched “Cadillac dealer near me,” you likely know that Cadillac has a long history of building the best luxury cars America has to offer. What you might not know is that for the 2020 model year, the Cadillac product line has been refreshed with a rollout of no fewer than three […]

The Other Fun Fords

The Ford Mustang is an iconic sports car that has been on the market for decades. With an aggressive silhouette, rear-wheel drive, and an array of powerful engines, it is no wonder that the Mustang remains one of Ford’s most popular vehicles. However, you may not be aware that the Mustang is not the only […]

Ford: Always One Step Ahead

Why Shop Ford? If you’ve been looking for a new Ford car, truck, or SUV, now is the time to check out your local Ford dealer. This year, Ford has released an even more impressive lineup than years prior, and 2021 is looking even brighter. Out of our current vast selection of new Ford models, […]

Which Jeep is Right For You?

Jeep is one of the most iconic American automobile brands. Dating back to the rugged military Jeeps of the Second World War that gave the company its name (it was originally called Willys-Overland), Jeep has specialized in building high-performance off-road vehicles. However, unlike many manufacturers, which only offer a single vehicle in each segment, Jeep’s […]

Crossover Comparison With The 2021 Chevy Trailblazer and the 2020 Nissan Kicks

Well, that crossover category in the automotive industry sure exploded, didn’t it? A few years ago, companies had large portfolios of sedans, but now they fed all those sedans their vegetables, and now we have the current automotive selection: crossover after crossover after crossover. In fact, you’ll probably find most manufacturers have three crossovers (or […]

Ten of the Most Reliable Used Cars

Buying a used car can be difficult, challenging, and overall a little bit annoying. With all these used car dealerships near me, there are way too many options. Not only are there hundreds of used car dealerships, but hundreds of different types of used cars. How are we supposed to know exactly what’s reliable and […]

Pre-Owned Doesn’t Mean Less Powerful

Car shoppers purchasing used vehicles is an extremely common thing. Used cars have so many advantages over newer counterparts; it can be easy to glance over a few key details you should know. Chances are if you’ve been recently viewing used offerings in your area, you’ve most likely conducted an online search for a “used […]