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HondaTrue CPO Program – Is It Truly Worth It?

Buying a used vehicle can be overwhelming. Unlike buying new, used vehicles can come with a lot of unknowns. However, buying a vehicle that is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) can eliminate some of the fears that come with buying a used model and help provide you with peace of mind that your used car is still in good shape. So, when you’re looking for a sedan, truck, or SUV, make sure to look for Certified Pre-Owned cars to have the knowledge that your vehicle has been thoroughly checked for any current issues and the benefit of warranties in case anything does go wrong. Honda has a proven track record for producing quality and reliable vehicles. So, buying a CPO Honda vehicle makes even more sense. Honda produces vehicles perfect for new drivers and seasoned drivers, and the HondaTrue program just makes it even easier for you to get a reliable and quality option.

What Is the HondaTrue Certified Pre-Owned Program?

A few years ago, Honda rebranded its CPO program, renaming it HondaTrue. HondaTrue offers 3-tiers, HondaTrue Certified+, HondaTrue Certified, and HondaTrue Used. Each tier has specific qualifications that the vehicle must meet to be covered.

To qualify for the HondaTrue Certified+ tier, a vehicle must be only a year old (2022-2023 models) and have less than 12,000 miles. Coverage involves a seven-year or 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty and a five-year or 86,000-mile non-powertrain warranty.

HondaTrue Certified vehicles must be from within the past six model years (currently 2018-2023) and have less than 80,000 miles. The powertrain coverage is the same as the plus tier, but the non-powertrain coverage is different. HondaTrue Certified vehicles that are still covered by the New Limited Warranty have coverage for up to four years or 48,000 miles. If the vehicle is purchased after the New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired, then the warranty is for one year or 12,000 miles.

HondaTrue used models must be from within the past ten model years (2013-2023), but they have no limit when it comes to mileage. For the HondaTrue Used tier, both the powertrain and non-powertrain warranty are for 100 days or 5,000 miles.

Additionally, all three tiers come with roadside assistance, trip interruption, and concierge service for two years or 50,000 miles beginning when the New Vehicle Limited Warranty ends. Roadside assistance includes a whole array of benefits, such as towing to a local Honda dealership, battery boost, and trip-interruption expense reimbursement.

Honda also offers two complimentary oil changes within the first year of ownership and SiriusXM Radio for the first 90 days. There is also a three-day exchange option that allows the buyer to exchange the vehicle for another CPO vehicle if it is in the same condition as when it was purchased and doesn’t have more than 300 additional miles. Lastly, each vehicle has a $0 repair deductible, and owners have the option to purchase Honda Care.

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The Vehicle Must Pass Inspection

No matter what tier you are looking at, all CPO Honda models are inspected before receiving the designation. Each vehicle undergoes rigorous testing and inspection by a Honda-trained technician. For further peace of mind, Honda offers a downloadable inspection report from the 182-point inspection. Issues found are repaired using OEM parts, and each vehicle comes with an available vehicle history report through CARFAX or Autocheck to really seal the deal.

During the 182-point inspection, any vehicle in the running is checked from top to bottom. Not only are parts repaired or replaced with Honda Genuine parts, but even body damage is analyzed and repaired. Tires are even inspected, guaranteeing you an “as close to new” experience as possible.

Some of Your Other Benefits

While warranties and inspections are great, there are more perks that come with the HondaTrue CPO program. One such perk is the Concierge service. Honda’s concierge service is part of HondaLink. HondaLink is a pretty cool service but let’s focus specifically on the HondaLink Concierge plan.

HondaLink Concierge is a personalized concierge service that will send confirmation and navigation services to your Honda for hotel, airline, and restaurant reservations. It can also help you with emergency arrangements, such as travel. It is sort of like having your own personal assistant with the primary job of keeping you and your vehicle safe and sound. And with the HondaTrue CPO program, you get to experience it for yourself. If you purchase the Concierge plan, it also comes with the HondaLink Remote plan, which has teen driver features, remote start, and more.

Trip interruption is another benefit that may need a little bit more explanation. Emergency repair reimbursement offers expense reimbursement for hotels, meals, and even repairs. There are some stipulations for vehicle repair reimbursement, though. Reimbursement only occurs if there are no available Honda dealerships within a specified mile radius, which results in the vehicle being taken to a non-Honda location. Additionally, the repair work must be absolutely necessary to prevent further damage or risk.

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Is CPO Worth It?

For many, buying a brand-new car is difficult or out of the question. New cars can be pricey, but buying used can be dicey. With HondaTrue Certified Pre-Owned models, you get the best of both worlds. Feel the peace of mind from purchasing a manufacturer-backed vehicle with the accessibility and price of used.

Another thing to keep in mind is that buying a new car means that it hasn’t been tested by real-life people in real-world scenarios. Buying an older, used vehicle can have a serious upside since, often, any major problems with the model would have already been brought to light. Many of the vehicles that fall within the CPO program range are new enough to have fairly up-to-date technology and safety features while still having been on the market long enough to catch any problems.

HondaTrue has been such a great CPO program that it has been named one of the top non-luxury programs for years. CARFAX lists HondaTrue in the top five Certified Pre-Owned programs of 2022, discussing its free repairs and extended warranty as major selling points.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying CPO

Remember that even with a great Certified Pre-Owned program to back it up, a CPO vehicle is still a used car. Make sure you do your due diligence and check out the vehicle, take it for a test drive, and give it a thorough inspection before you say yes. Also, make sure you have your dealer explain to you all of the benefits, terms, and perks that come with your purchase (especially when they expire). There is a little more certainty that comes along with buying CPO, but nothing is perfect, and it’s your job to make sure you are getting the best vehicle for your current needs.

So, if you are looking to purchase your 1st or your 20th Honda, opting for a HondaTrue CPO vehicle is an excellent choice. With such a large range of like-new vehicles, it will be easy to find a car that’s right for you. Honda’s powertrain warranties and bumper-to-bumper warranties offer protection and assurance, and the 182-point inspection provides peace of mind. Lower price tags and quality vehicles make choosing a HondaTrue Certified Pre-Owned vehicle a no-brainer.