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The SUV That Needs Little Introduction: The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

A hybrid powertrain combines an internal combustion engine with one or more electric motors. Together, they generate more renewable power than a traditional gas-powered engine alone. The power stored within the battery is charged through regenerative braking, combined with extra power harnessed from inside the internal combustion engine. This one-two punch allows a vehicle to […]

Go Green With the Blue Oval

In the past few decades, we’ve been experiencing the evolution of the auto industry from a gas guzzler to electric green machines that can take drivers several hundred miles with no gas needed! With the headlines about the constant state of our environment, it’s not a surprise more drivers are looking into big corporations to […]

There’s Still Time to Check Out Toyota’s Flagship Hybrid Sedan

It’s unfortunate, but another sedan is heading to the chopping block. We have reached the end of the road for Toyota’s largest and most upscale sedan. Every day, drivers are more frequently choosing eco-friendly automobiles over gas-guzzling powerhouses or opting for larger, more versatile SUVs. Although Toyota’s full-size sedan is available with some of the […]

2022 Compact Hybrid Roundup

Not so long ago, the hybrid was the future of automotive technology. The Toyota Prius ushered in a new era of fuel-sipping cars (although the often-forgotten Honda Insight technically hit the market first) that would save the planet and save you money at the pump. Today, the hybrid is almost passé, and electric cars are […]