How the Astonishing Lack of Older Used Cars on the Market Impacts You

The used car market was doing tremendously well in 2016, shattering all sorts of personal-best records and really hitting its stride - thanks to the boom of lease vehicles recently returned to lots across the country. To recap, leasing and used car sales go hand-in-hand. Cars come off lease after two to three years on the [...]

A Song I Wrote About Trading in a Car

A Song I Wrote About Trading in a Car You may need some convincing that it’s a good idea to pursue a new car in exchange for your older car. Of course, it can be tough to commit, and it’s especially hard to find a solid trade-in value. Whenever I need to be convinced about [...]

Two of the Worst Online Car Ads of All Time

Two of the Worst Online Car Ads of All Time Online shopping comes with its fair share of risk, and this certainly applies to online car buying. This booming market also leads to some entertaining advertisements. Below, I’ve compiled a pair of my favorite used car ads that I’ve found on the internet. If you’re [...]

A Brief Look at Trade-In Value and What it Means For You

It’s that time again: out with the old, in with the new! Time to get your hands on a nice, shiny new car, and trade in your old one that you’ve had for five or six years (or 10+ years, if you’re stubborn and have shopping restraint). It’ll be nice to get into that new [...]

Welcome to the Sell My Car Edition of ‘Would You Rather?’

I remember the very first time I played the Would You Rather? game vividly. It was at summer camp in central Wisconsin, around a campfire on the shores of Amy Belle Lake. The night was quiet, but the sky was filled with teenage hormones, body odor, and a whole lot of inexperience. Faced with scenarios [...]

The Car-selling Conundrum and CarMax Anecdotes

As soon as you've made the decision to sell your car, it often feels like you can't offload it fast enough. With so many car-selling avenues to explore, it's tough to know which one you should travel. And while there is no right or wrong answer, you do need to determine your priorities when it comes [...]

The Pros and Cons of CarMax

You’ve finally decided that it is time to sell you car and are ready to get the process started. For many car sellers, selling to CarMax is a no-brainer. Well-established across the country, it’s easy to access a CarMax location and get your vehicle appraised on the spot. But, like all deals that seem too [...]