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Finding the Right Subaru for You(baru)

When you’re shopping for a car or SUV, it’s easy to become awash in a vast sea of possibilities and feel like you’re drowning (or at least treading water). Even when you’ve narrowed down your choices to the models you’ll find at your favorite Subaru dealer, you’re still looking at a lot of possibilities just […]

3 Efficient Fuel Fords…Unplugged

With gas prices constantly fluctuating and our daily commutes becoming longer and longer, fuel efficiency is something that’s on everyone’s mind. In fact, many automotive manufacturers––including perennial American manufacturer Ford––have pledged to release a plethora of electric-only vehicles in the coming decade. But for some of us, the transition to electric vehicles isn’t quite so […]

There’s Still Time to Check Out Toyota’s Flagship Hybrid Sedan

It’s unfortunate, but another sedan is heading to the chopping block. We have reached the end of the road for Toyota’s largest and most upscale sedan. Every day, drivers are more frequently choosing eco-friendly automobiles over gas-guzzling powerhouses or opting for larger, more versatile SUVs. Although Toyota’s full-size sedan is available with some of the […]

Ranking the Five Funnest Jeeps

Since their debut in the 1940s, Jeeps have represented a timeless piece of Americana. Throughout years and advances in the automotive industry and countless models flooding the market, Jeep has maintained its iconic look and feel. Where does one even begin when looking at the lineup available at a Jeep dealer? So many Jeeps are […]