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A white 2023 GMC Acadia AT4 is shown from the front at an angle on a rocky beach.

The 2023 GMC Acadia Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect

The automobile was born in 1886 and forever changed how we travel. Fast forward to 2022, and cars have evolved from their simplistic demeanor to a flurry of niche roles. There are cars designed primarily for speed, vehicles used to live in, and some meant to transport other cars. Is there a vehicle that does it all and then some? No, depending on who you ask; however, the upcoming 2023 GMC Acadia might come close. This full-size SUV is one of the most versatile vehicles coming out in 2023; thanks to its many trim levels, and specific features, this car can fit the needs of any consumer. Power, capability, style: the new Acadia has it all. The 2023 model is expected to be released in late summer or fall, and if you are not excited about this car being released, let us help you understand why the hype is real.

A Variety of Engine Options for All Types of Power

When looking at the 2023 Acadia’s specs, it is undeniable that this vehicle is highly capable. Sporting a 2.0L Turbo I-4 as standard, this SUV has some power behind the wheel, producing 228 hp, 258 lb-ft of torque, and a monstrous towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. The engine is quite strong and able to perform a variety of ground-breaking feats. For those speed demons who love to push the engine to the max, they will be highly satisfied with the speed and handling of this vehicle. The most astonishing capability of the SUV is its high towing capacity. It allows the GMC Acadia to tow nearly anything you can think of. It can easily manage carrying jet skis for some fun at the lake during the summer and help pull a friend’s car out of the snow in the winter, demonstrating its capabilities all-year round. No matter what mother nature throws at you, the 2023 GMC Acadia will face the challenge head on with its sheer power and capability.

While the I-4 turbocharged engine is completely capable of most needs, there is the additional 3.6L V6 engine. This engine massively boosts the overall performance of the Acadia, increasing it to an output of an impressive 310 hp. In addition to this, the torque power increases to 271 lb-ft, and its towing capacity reaches 4,00lbs. With the V6 engine, the Acadia turns from versatile to an absolute beast. It has the speed to outclass most vehicles of its size and even some smaller sedans.

A white 2023 GMC Acadia is shown from the rear on a trail.

Built for Adventures on and off the Pavement

There is no doubt that the vehicle has some Olympic medal performance behind the engine, but all that power is just the surface of what the 2023 GMC Acadia has to offer. After all, what is immense power if it is only limited to the road? The Acadia is not restricted to paved roads, as it has multiple features that make it an effective off-road vehicle. For starters, it has a ground clearance of about 7 inches. That comes in handy when it comes to sediments and other hard objects kicking up and hitting the undercarriage.

Certain models, such as the SLT and Denali, have additional off-road features that come as standard that boost the Acadia’s efficiency. One of the more prominent examples is the Traction Select System. This tool will allow the vehicle to switch between different driving modes to enhance its performance for any condition. One of these modes is dedicated to performing off-road. It increases the traction of the vehicle, as well as improves its handling. Lastly, the Acadia has an additional 4-wheel drive model, which makes any SUV a much better off-road vehicle. With extra power, it can climb out of ditches, muddy holes, and snowy fields.

Impressive Fuel Economy and an Abundance of Cargo Space

One of the most unique features of the Acadia actually involves its 4-wheel drive. While the front-wheel drive versions also have a Traction Select System, the 4-wheel drivetrain comes with extra settings. For the models that have 4-wheel drive, the 2023 GMC Acadia is able to switch between 4-wheel drive and front-wheel drive! One of the biggest drawbacks of 4-wheel drives is that it reduces fuel economy. However, with their new innovation, GMC provides the best of both worlds. The standard turbocharged 4-wheel drive engine on the Acadia gets an estimated 22 MPG in the city and 27 MPG on the highway, while the front-wheel drive model gets 22 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway. It might only be a small dropoff, but with the current price of gas, every mile matters.

Those who travel heavily will find the cargo space of the 2023 GMC Acadia is suited to handle their load. Its standard trunk space is around 12.8 cu.ft. This is standard space for an SUV, and it’s capable of accommodating an array of everyday travel items. However, the 2nd and 3rd-row seats can fold down, thus opening all sorts of storage possibilities. With the 2nd row down, it offers 41.7 cu.ft. of cargo space. With the ability to still transport 4 people, this will give you plenty of room to pack the car with large items. If more space is still needed, with the 3rd row down, it maximizes the cargo space to 79 cu.ft. This available space is extremely helpful for carpenters and other people who will be loading and unloading large equipment.

A white 2023 GMC Acadia AT4 is shown from the front on a trail.

A Luxurious Interior That Is Unparalleled

The 2023 GMC Acadia even functions as a fancy luxury vehicle. It is not afraid to get down and dirty in the mud, but it comes with class too. While all the trim models of the Acadia have carefully crafted detail and a sharp aesthetic, the Denali, by far, is the most impressive. It comes standard with all sorts of tech; however, that is not what gives the interior its unique style. The inside is fitted with real ash wood accents along the door and dashboard, complimented by a warm-tone burnished aluminum trim. The stitching in the seats also has an immense focus on detail as it features french seams. Additionally, the Denali comes in two different interior colors: jet black and dark galvanized/light shale. The extreme care to detail turns the Acadia into a high-class SUV.

The Perfect Balance of Power, Capability, and Luxury

No matter your reason for buying a new vehicle, the 2023 GMC Acadia is almost guaranteed to fit your SUV needs. This car panders to many sorts of niches. It can crank out an insane amount of horsepower on the road and haul thousands of pounds with ease. It can get down and dirty in the mud or triumphantly conquer heavy snowfall. The Acadia can even function as a luggage transporter or a high-class luxury drive all at once. With an array of diverse features throughout its various trims, the 2023 GMC Acadia will appeal to a broad range of drivers with different needs. With an expected release this summer or early fall, there are so many reasons to be deciding if the 2023 GMC Acadia is right for you!