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The Ecological Advantages of Mazda

The automotive industry is one that contains several peaks and valleys and, more often than not, follows trends and examples set by various manufacturers. Among the recent strides many have chosen to pursue is the reduction of harmful emissions released into the earth’s atmosphere each year from the internal-combustion engine. To this end, many have […]

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Buyer’s Guide

The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV is a groundbreaking electric SUV on a mission to disrupt the automotive industry. Mission accomplished. This EV is a compact SUV that’s stylish, technologically advanced, and affordable. It showcases Chevrolet’s ingenuity in the EV segment and its success in providing excellent options at outstanding prices to make EVs readily available […]

Go Green With the Blue Oval

In the past few decades, we’ve been experiencing the evolution of the auto industry from a gas guzzler to electric green machines that can take drivers several hundred miles with no gas needed! With the headlines about the constant state of our environment, it’s not a surprise more drivers are looking into big corporations to […]

Is the 4xe for Me? Understanding Jeep’s Electric Lineup

Over the past several years, many auto manufacturers have announced plans for an all-electric future. Most surprising of all, Jeep—the brand most closely associated with off-roading—not only announced electric plans but has already come through with two hybrid vehicles. Recently, Jeep announced that two more electric-powered vehicles would be joining the lineup in 2024. While […]