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Let’s Get to Know the Buick Encore GX

Although it might’ve sounded like a trim for another Buick model (the recently discontinued Encore), the Encore GX is very much its own thing and it has established itself since its release as one of Buick’s most popular offerings. Before you head to your local Buick dealer in search of an Encore GX, it’s worth […]

Seven Keys to Car-Shopping With Bad Credit

Even if you’re someone who enjoys shopping for a car, figuring out financing and how to pay for it probably isn’t what you’re most looking forward to. If you’ve got less-than-great credit or little in the way of credit history, then the entire thing can become a lot more complicated, and there are far more […]

The Ecological Advantages of Mazda

The automotive industry is one that contains several peaks and valleys and, more often than not, follows trends and examples set by various manufacturers. Among the recent strides many have chosen to pursue is the reduction of harmful emissions released into the earth’s atmosphere each year from the internal-combustion engine. To this end, many have […]