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It’s Not Too Late to Find a High-Quality Pre-Owned Ford Focus

As consumers, we’re not always privy to the decisions surrounding how manufacturers design their vehicle lineups. Many factors that contribute to an automaker’s long-term product strategy, like consumer trends and government regulations, can help us make educated guesses, but some moves are just vexing. Take Ford’s decision to discontinue the popular Focus. After all, if […]

An Edge Over the Competition: Everything to Love on the 2021 Ford Edge

If you’re shopping for an SUV, then you’re probably well aware of the importance of choosing between a two-row or three-row layout. While the three-row layout offers additional seating, these accommodations can be considerably cramped for those third-row passengers. For two-row options like the 2021 Ford Edge, you’re prioritizing comfort over capacity, and your passengers […]

First Time Buying Used? Start Here

On its surface, a global shortage of computer chips might not seem like an issue that would affect the average car buyer. Steel and rubber prices? Sure. Crude oil production? Of course. Worldwide lithium-ion availability? That’s sure to affect the price of electric vehicles. But semiconductors? The way we build our cars has changed a […]

Does Ford Have a Self-Driving Car?

Do you remember when you used to sit in awe as you watched movies with self-driving cars, completely mesmerized at this futuristic capability? You may have thought that one day, years down the road, our everyday vehicles would be able to accomplish such a feat, transporting us to our destinations in brand new ways. Well, […]

EcoSport Entertaining

The Ford EcoSport five-passenger crossover has been making waves since 2003… in its native Brazil. One of Ford’s best sellers in that country, as well as Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico, it often makes South American Best Of Lists. The EcoSport has also been very popular in India and Japan, and in 2018, this international fave […]