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From Production Halts to EVs and the Bronco-Wrangler Rivalry: Your Latest Auto Headlines

News headlines in the automotive industry looked much different ten years ago as hybrids became mainstream, America mourned the loss of the legendary Carroll Shelby, and the industry flourished as manufacturers did everything possible to meet heightened demand from consumers. Today, hybrids are popular, but they share the spotlight with EVs that usher us into […]

Your User’s Guide to Ford’s SYNC System

It’s hard to imagine, but years ago, AM/FM radios were luxuries in the automotive industry. Before long, radios became standard, leading to newer features like cassette and multi-disc CD players. The introduction of smartphones completely set the automotive industry on a new trajectory as automakers looked for ways to keep drivers connected and entertained without […]

8 Reasons to Choose Harley-Davidson Certified for Your Next Bike

As America’s most beloved motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson is constantly finding ways to improve its lineup and better meet rider needs. For years, finding a Certified Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson near you was impossible because Harley-Davidson didn’t have a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. Instead, riders were relegated to shopping for used models that may or may not have […]