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An orange 2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is shown driving off-road after visiting a Toyota dealer to 'rent a Toyota'.

Why You Should Rent a Toyota Tacoma for Your Next Camping Trip

You probably have a solid everyday vehicle. It’s ready to tackle the ordinary things you deal with every day. Maybe that’s your long commute to work, tricky parking jobs, or trips to the grocery store. You put a lot of time into selecting your everyday vehicle, and you nailed it. Now, there’s just one hiccup: what happens when you want to break away from your everyday routine, and your everyday car isn’t up to the challenge?

A lot of drivers who mostly stick to city or suburban areas face this issue when they want to explore the wild. That practical and fuel-efficient sedan isn’t so practical when you need to drive over tiny boulders and through shallow creeks. That subcompact SUV is a solid choice for taking clients out in the city and exploring nearby cosmopolitan destinations on the weekends, but it can’t handle off-road environments. This is why you should rent a Toyota Tacoma for your next adventure.

If you want to break free of the confines of society in the one way we know how to – a good camping trip – you need a vehicle that’s ready to take you off the grid. So, unless you’re committed to a new off-the-grid lifestyle and are ready to ditch your city transportation forever, you might need to rent a vehicle. A pickup truck is a great option for camping trips in the wilderness, and a Toyota Tacoma is an excellent option for venturing off the pavement, as Tacomas are highly reliable pickups. DIYers and contractors love them. They’re also excellent for camping trips and have everything you need to leave civilization for a few days.

Ready for Adventure

The Tacoma might not always be the truck that comes to mind when you think of great off-road vehicles, but some of its available features and trims make this great pickup ready to go just about anywhere your adventurous heart desires.

Check Out the TRD Off-Road Trim

The TRD Off-Road trim has Crawl Control, which is designed to help you drive over challenging terrain at slow speeds. The system works by controlling acceleration and braking, enabling the driver to pay more focused attention to steering. So, if you want to ditch the paved path to find a super remote place to set up your tent, Crawl Control will come in handy. TRD Off-Road also gets Multi-Terrain Select, featuring five modes, all of which signal the vehicle to adjust the wheelspin to improve traction in your given environment.

Enjoy the Wilderness in Style With the Trail Edition

You can also check out the Trail Edition, which is packed with features that will enhance your days away from society. One of these is a lockable bed storage compartment with insulation. In it, you can stash your valuables when you’re away from your truck on a hike or kayaking expedition. The side storage also doubles as a cooler, so you can keep items that need to remain at a specific temperature. Plus, this edition has a deck rail system, giving you another way to secure your belongings.

If you want to plug in appliances to get more comfortable, like box lights, a mini fridge, or an electric pump for your inflatable bed, there’s a 120-volt outlet in the truck bed of the Trail Edition. The Goodyear Kevlar All-Terrain tires on this special edition will give you even more confidence that you’ll have command over a range of environments and in all sorts of weather.

A person is shown offloading a bike from the bed of a black 2023 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Trail Edition.

Tackle the Great Outdoors With These Available Features

When you’re driving in a city, your surroundings are somewhat predictable. You’re on a grid and can expect things like stop signs, traffic lights, and on-ramps. Once you go out into the wild, there’s no knowing what will happen. That’s why the available Panoramic View Monitor of the TRD Sport is so useful. It lets you get several views of your vehicle at all times, including an overhead view, a forward-facing view, and a forward-facing side camera view boasting a split view of both sides of the vehicle. This will come in handy when you aren’t sure if, for example, a wild animal starts to charge your truck from the side.

If you are going on a multi-leg trip with plenty of stops along the way, you might like the Dynamic Navigation of the TRD Pro. It shows you the most up-to-date map data, different route options, and points of interest along the way. The system is in constant communication with the cloud to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information. So you’ll know if that quirky landmark you wanted to check out on your way to the campsite is still there.

The Power and Capacity You Need in a Off-Road-Ready Truck

Camping requires a lot of stuff. It might appeal to those who like a “minimalist” lifestyle, but packing for a camping trip is anything but minimalist. You need your tent, your sleeping pads, all of your food, anything you need to cook with, adventure gear, games, bug spray…the list goes on and on. That’s why the Tacoma, with its available six-foot bed, is a great choice for outdoor excursions. You can keep everything you need, like a giant cooler or a couple of dirt bikes, in the back. In fact, the Tacoma boasts a max payload of 1,685 lbs. When you’re ready to unload at your campsite, the removable tailgate makes it easy to access everything in the bed. As for things you might need to trailer, like a camper or boat, the 2023 Tacoma can tow up to 6,800 lbs.

A Brief Look at the 2024 Toyota Tacoma

If your camping trip is sometime after late 2023, you might be able to rent a 2024 Tacoma. And once that comes out, you can access a hybrid Tacoma. That opens up a world of possibilities in terms of traveling further without fear of fuel costs. Plus, the 2024 model gets some great camping-ready perks like available LED lights in the tailgate and bed to maintain visibility at your site, even after the sun sets, and an available 2400W inverter for more appliance powering capabilities. The Trailhunter trim that will join the 2024 lineup gets high ground clearance for even better off-roading powers, too.

A close-up of the front wheel is shown on a black 2023 Toyota Tacoma SR5.

Rent a Toyota Tacoma for Your Next Outdoor Excursion

Just because having an adventure-ready, off-road capable pickup might not be practical for your everyday life doesn’t mean you can’t experience the excitement of one occasionally. If you’re looking for the ideal vehicle to rent for your next camping trip or off-road adventure, check out a Toyota Tacoma. This isn’t just for contractors or movers. This truck is ready for fun and is available in trims with features that help you tackle all sorts of terrain.

A good camping vehicle has rugged capabilities to get you where you’re going, like Crawl Control, high ground clearance, tough tires, and convenience features to keep you comfortable when you get there. The many trims of the 2023 Tacoma check all of those boxes. If you know your little sedan can’t survive the trip into the wild, check out a 2023 Tacoma as a rental. If you crave adventure but don’t want to invest in an off-road vehicle, renting a Tacoma is the perfect option for exploring the path less traveled.