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Great Used Subcompact SUVs

Once upon a time, subcompact SUVs were not that much different from their subcompact sedan counterparts. These models were fine for young college students or commuters who were fine with a cramped model that saved on gasoline, but they weren’t really an option for young families, older drivers, and folks who wanted more performance, comfort, […]

The Honda Civic Is Back With a Bang for 2025!

The Honda Civic is the best-selling compact car in America, and it earned that position largely thanks to its exceptional efficiency. When it first debuted in 1972, the Civic shocked the world by meeting emissions standards without any of the power-choking emissions equipment American manufacturers were using. Given that history, it’s somewhat remarkable that the […]

What’s New for the 2025 Toyota Camry?

While some automakers are turning away from sedans entirely and producing SUV-only lineups, Toyota still has a full lineup of sedans, ranging from the compact Corolla to the full-size Crown. Nestled between the two, you’ll find the midsize Camry, which offers more interior space than the Corolla while being more affordable and nimble than the […]

Sitting Taller: The Top Seven Used SUVs With Great Ground Clearances

What’s the perfect used SUV for sale that will give you confidence in every condition? SUVs are popular because they offer higher driving positions and more expansive cabins to accommodate passengers and cargo, but there’s another factor to consider when exploring your options–ground clearance. Many assume that only off-roaders and adventurers looking to venture off […]