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A blue 2025 Honda Pilot TrailSport off-roading down a rocky mountain.

Shopping for a Tech-Rich Family Vehicle? The 2025 Honda Pilot Elite Aims to Deliver

Tech-focused family vehicles are becoming the new normal. However, not all new vehicles support the same level of tech, safety, and convenience. Some vehicles offer more than others, and the 2025 Honda Pilot is one of those vehicles that actually does prioritize tech more than some of its nearest competitors. More specifically, the 2025 Honda Pilot Elite is a trim that manages to fill that gap between being a reliable family vehicle and a tech-rich passenger SUV.

Doing your due diligence and researching your options is important for finding a great family vehicle that appeals to all your tastes without compromise. If tech is an important part of that shopping criteria, you might want to eye a vehicle that isn’t just about giving you the basics for daily driving but also is quite rich with infotainment, safety, and features that make it convenient for small and large families alike. The 2025 Honda Pilot Elite is one such vehicle.

Keeping Your Smartphones Active in the 2025 Pilot Elite

The 2025 Honda Pilot Elite is the penultimate trim in the line-up, ahead of the Sport, EX-L, TrailSport, and Touring, and just below the new Black Edition. So what makes the Elite worthwhile for those looking for a good tech-rich SUV? Well, it features a lot of standard tech you don’t necessarily get with all the other trims, yet it’s not as expensive as the Black Edition. Additionally, you get everything that comes standard on the lower trims when it comes to the tech offerings, such as smartphone projection with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

You have Bluetooth connectivity for multi-device streaming, as well as the ability to make hands-free phone calls and send text messages with voice commands thanks to the HandsFreeLink that comes standard with the Pilot Elite. There is even the added functionality of a 15-watt Qi-compatible wireless charging base for your smartphone, so if you have multiple passengers with smart devices, you can either charge via the USB ports or use the Qi wireless charging pad to keep your devices charged. The more options, the better.

Nine-Inch Touchscreen With Multiple Apps to Access

Tied to the smartphone projection is the nine-inch touchscreen that comes standard on the Pilot Elite, along with every other trim save for the Pilot Sport. The touchscreen gives you access to the Honda infotainment suite, featuring smart shortcuts so you can access the apps you want and the features that appeal most to you from the main hub. You can alter the feature settings for various apps, and you can change the media volume or what’s playing using physical knobs in case you don’t want to touch the screen and simply want to make media adjustments quickly.

The infotainment screen in a 2025 Honda Pilot Elite.

10.2-Inch Digital Driver Display With Head-Up Functionality

Where the 2025 Honda Pilot Elite begins to separate itself from the other trims is with its larger 10.2-inch digital driver display and instrument cluster. The trims below the Elite come with a seven-inch information display interface. You can customize the profiles of the Honda Elite’s digital display cluster. You can easily cycle through media sources, make or answer calls through the display, and make use of the embedded compass for navigation purposes.

The information cluster can be configured to send you alerts and warnings, or you can use the trip computer to track the distance traveled, fuel consumption, and remaining range. The digital driver display compartmentalizes a lot of the functionality of the Honda Pilot, so you spend less time trying to fumble around with maps or the touchscreen or trying to figure out where you are. What’s more, the Elite comes with a head-up display for the driver, so you have all of your telemetry accessible right in front of you without having to take your eyes off the screen. This is another feature that the trims below the Elite do not come with, so it gives you an added layer of information while on the road to make trips easier and more convenient.

Multi-View Camera With TrailWatch Technology

Only three trims are available with the Multi-View Camera System and TrailWatch technology: the TrailSport, Elite, and Black Edition. It’s highly useful not only for getting a good all-around view when parking but also for navigating off-road trails, hence the TrailWatch moniker. Thanks to the multiple camera views, including the ground views, you can get a good look at what’s around and what’s underneath the vehicle. This makes it easy when you go on family camping trips, family hikes, or sightseeing adventures when you want to carefully monitor where you’re driving for maximum stability and safety.

HondaLink Connectivity With Radio Data System

The HondaLink system provides a lot of infotainment functionality for the 2025 Honda Pilot in general, but some features are only available on certain trims. If you’re shopping for a family vehicle with HD radio, SiriusXM, and satellite navigation, only the Touring, Elite, and Black Edition come with all of that functionality. This is assuming you want to make use of the advanced navigation features available for the 2025 Pilot.

The Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System can give you point-to-point navigation assistance, along with queries that can be addressed via voice recognition. So you can get guided help to your destination. If you have multiple kids who have multiple extra-curricular events to attend, being able to get to each location in a punctual manner could be very important, so having the navigation system guide you there can be very helpful. Plus, with the Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, you can stay connected online with your smart devices, which is useful if you need to get work done remotely, even if you’re still stuck in the vehicle while waiting in the parking lot to pick up your kids.

Close-up of the infotainment screen in a 2025 Honda Pilot Elite displaying the TrailWatch view.

Multi-Zone Audio With CabinTalk PA System

The standard Honda Sensing safety suite gives you all of the driver assists and aids you could possibly want out of a three-row family SUV, but driver aids aren’t the same thing as in-cabin aids. If you have to deal with multiple passengers across multiple rows, yelling across the cabin is not effective at all. Any parent knows that it’s easier if you don’t have to shout while driving, as trying to talk to people in the third row can cause distractions. That’s where Multi-Zone Audio with CabinTalk comes in.

With Multi-Zone Audio, you have an audio system that can deliver different kinds of audio to different areas of the vehicle––for instance, you can play music only through the front speakers so as not to distract sleepy passengers. This also coincides with the CabinTalk public announcement system, so you can turn down the music in one section of the vehicle, thanks to the 12 speakers located throughout the cabin, and then use the PA system to talk to passengers in a specific row. Maybe you’re trying to verify the time of your kid’s stage play, but the passengers in the second row are enjoying their music? Well, turn down the music in the third row and use the PA system to verify the time without disrupting the audio experience of those in the second row. It’s neat tech.

Are the 2025 Honda Pilot Elite Tech Features Up to Your Standards?

Doing your research and shopping smart means comparing different trims, models, and brands to find the right vehicle. The question becomes, is the 2025 Honda Pilot Elite the right kind of tech-savvy family vehicle for you? Well, the Elite is definitely tech-rich, but you’ll also have to gauge if it offers you what you’re expecting tech-wise compared to segment rivals like the Toyota Grand Highlander Platinum, GMC Acadia Denali, and Ford Explorer Platinum. Hopefully, this article will help you better decide as you continue to filter through the family-oriented SUVs and attempt to shop for what’s right for you, your family, and your budget.