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Why the 2017 Honda Pilot is the Perfect Family-Friendly SUV

SUVs are a perfect choice for families, and no model is more capable of delivering all of the necessary features and capabilities than the 2017 Honda Pilot. The vehicle is equipped with everything a driver could possibly need to keep those younger occupants content, comfortable, and safe.

If you’ve been shopping around for a family-friendly SUV, then you’ve presumably been debating the 2017 Honda Pilot vs 2017 Toyota Highlander. Well, continue reading below to understand why the former option might be the best choice for your growing family…

Family Friendly Interior Room

If you have children, you’re probably more than familiar with the tumultuous and unnecessary endeavor that accompanies trying to fit all of their sports equipment or school projects into the rear of the vehicle. Not only is it tough to fit this cargo into the limited interior space, but it usually compromises passenger room. When all is said and done, the driver is annoyed and the occupants are uncomfortable. Predictably, these are not ideal driving conditions.

Fortunately, that won’t be an issue in the versatile 2017 Honda. For starters, the vehicle offers an abundance of cargo room, as owners won’t have any issues fitting that luggage into the SUV thanks to the 109-cubic-feet of space. Meanwhile, thanks to the versatile 60/40 split second- and third-row seats, these owners can fit any combination of cargo and passengers. That way, if you’re relied on as the de facto neighborhood bus driver, you won’t have to notify any child that they have to take the real bus when your SUV is crowded with cargo.

Family Friendly Comfort

Long summer road trips are usually accompanied by complaints from your younger occupants that they’re uncomfortable or bored. Well, the 2017 Honda Pilot isn’t capable of completely quashing these qualms, but the SUV can still make that journey a lot more bearable for those passengers.

When it comes to comfort, engineers included Captain’s chairs in the second row, meaning occupants can travel in both style and comfort. While the bucket seats are often used out back, these inclusions will provide each passenger with a bit more breathing room. Meanwhile, the Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control system assures that each occupant can relax in their ideal temperature setting. Most vehicles will have a standard temperature throughout the cabin, inevitably leading to some complaints. Thanks to this technological addition, each occupant will be content in their ideal setting. Alternatively, if occupants are seeking some fresh air, they can rely on the giant moonroof (which includes a pair of configurations) to keep them comfortable during the journey.

Of course, a major part of being comfortable during a road trip is added convenience, which improves the entire journey. Fortunately, the Pilot contains a number of amenities that will play a role in reducing stress. The array of charging ports found throughout the interior (including five USB ports, two auxiliary jacks, three 12-volt outlets, a 115-volt outlet, and an HDMI port) will assure that your gadget remains juiced at all times. When it comes to the driver, they’ll appreciate the one-touch second-row seats, which will automatically adjust to provide easy entry into the rear of the SUV.

Family Friendly Entertainment

Whether you’re operating the SUV or simply riding in the back, you’ll want something to keep you entertained as you’re traveling in the 2017 Honda Pilot. Fortunately, the vehicle contains a number of amenities that will appeal to any type of passenger. It starts up front with the eight-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen, which provides drivers with access to a number of applications. For instance, the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System is an invaluable inclusion if you’re looking for some guidance to a particular destination, while the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility means you can jam out to all of your favorite tunes (or, alternatively, you could access many of your smartphone’s basic functions).

Out back, your passengers will fall in love with the nine-inch Rear Entertainment System, which includes both a DVD and Blu-ray player. If you’ve found it difficult distracting your younger occupants during a long road trip, you can now entertain them with a movie or game!

Family Friendly Safety

Above all else, safety is of utmost importance for those in need of a family-oriented vehicle. Accidents are unavoidable, but an array of safety features will go a long way in allowing owners to rest easy knowing that the other occupants are in good hands.

Thanks to the inclusion of the Honda Sensing system, owners shouldn’t find themselves in an accident in the first place. Features like the Road Departure Mitigation System will keep the Pilot on its intended path, and the vehicle can even manipulate the mechanics if it starts to detect any swaying. The Lane Keeping Assist System plays a similar role, making sure that the SUV isn’t accidentally listing into another lane.

The innovative Adaptive Cruise Control is especially useful for those who require a short break during the journey, as the system will take control of the vehicle and maintain the driver’s pre-set speed. The accompanying Collision Mitigation Braking System will combine with this technology to detect when the Pilot is getting too close to another vehicle, and it can even manipulate the brakes to help avoid an accident.

Family Friendly Power

While the 2017 Honda Pilot is undoubtedly a family SUV, that doesn’t mean that every feature has to appeal to your children. Rather, you should be treating yourself, and that will certainly be possible thanks to the impressive standard engine included under the Pilot’s hood. The SUV is equipped with the impressive 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is capable of cranking out a respectable 280 horsepower and 262 pounds-feet of torque. Thanks to these two specs, drivers won’t have any issues zooming down the highway towards their destination.

Best of all, the system is also incredibly efficient, as the brand promises 27 miles per gallon when traveling on the highway (when the SUV is equipped with the two-wheel-drive six-speed automatic transmission configuration). The 2017 Honda Pilot is already incredibly inexpensive, but the cost of ownership will be kept relatively low thanks to these particular specs.