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To Lift…or Not To Lift

“That is the question…” Okay, it’s hardly Shakespeare but, then again, it’s hardly a question. Few Jeep drivers (if any) have not considered modifying their Jeep with a raised suspension or oversized tires. A common consideration for many off-road vehicles, it’s sort of an inevitability when you’re talking about a Jeep. Whether the lift is […]

Leave the Levante Behind

When I think of luxury car brands – Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche – I think fast. Sleek. Sexy. I do not think lumbering, beastly and – (the horror!) – SUV. To me, if you’re rich enough to drive a luxury sports car, why wouldn’t you also just buy a “cheap” family SUV in addition to […]

Hyundai Continues to Collect Accolades

You can read blog post upon blog post about which particular vehicle might be right for you. However, there’s truly no way to fully trust these writers’ opinions. Rather, as a prospective buyer, you might be more comfortable relying on the recommendations of actual automotive experts. Well, one of the ways that these automotive experts […]

What’s So Great About Mazda?

I feel like there are some car companies that you just know – like they are inherent to the industry. A few examples? BMW. Jeep. Ferrari. They have name recognition and staying power. So it’s always interesting to me when I realize that a new manufacturer has made the same inroads into the collective conscious. […]

The History of Car Seats

As someone who recently had their first child, let me tell you the number of times I’ve heard “back when I had kids we [insert some action that’s considered terribly dangerous today] and look – everyone survived!” It’s constant. Ask any parent with children of any age and I guarantee you they’ve been told the […]