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Trucks: For All Seasons

Congratulations! If you’ve landed on this article, then most likely you have made the decision to do yourself the biggest favor ever and get yourself into a brand new (or heck, even a brand-new-to-you) truck. Trucks are amazing vehicles – not just for their incredible strength and powerful performance, but also for the versatility you […]

Leave the Levante Behind

When I think of luxury car brands – Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche – I think fast. Sleek. Sexy. I do not think lumbering, beastly and – (the horror!) – SUV. To me, if you’re rich enough to drive a luxury sports car, why wouldn’t you also just buy a “cheap” family SUV in addition to […]

What’s So Great About Mazda?

I feel like there are some car companies that you just know – like they are inherent to the industry. A few examples? BMW. Jeep. Ferrari. They have name recognition and staying power. So it’s always interesting to me when I realize that a new manufacturer has made the same inroads into the collective conscious. […]

The History of Car Seats

As someone who recently had their first child, let me tell you the number of times I’ve heard “back when I had kids we [insert some action that’s considered terribly dangerous today] and look – everyone survived!” It’s constant. Ask any parent with children of any age and I guarantee you they’ve been told the […]

Make This a Silverado Summer

Some people think of summer and they envision themselves heading to the beach with the top down on their convertible, playing whatever song is the so-called “song of the summer,” huge sunglasses on and hair blowing in the breeze. Others think of summer and all they see are dusty dirt roads, muddy fields just waiting […]