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Make This a Silverado Summer

Some people think of summer and they envision themselves heading to the beach with the top down on their convertible, playing whatever song is the so-called “song of the summer,” huge sunglasses on and hair blowing in the breeze. Others think of summer and all they see are dusty dirt roads, muddy fields just waiting […]

Chevy is Still One of the Best

Looking at the many different automotive manufacturers available these days, one can only beg the obvious question, “Why should I choose a Chevy dealer near me for my next vehicle purchase?” The many different possible answers to this question lie in the reliability, technology, and safety that Chevy supplies their valuable customers. Auto companies are […]

Put Some Clarity in Your Drive

When the crowds at the New York Auto Show hovered around the Honda display where the automaker launched its environmentally friendly Clarity plug-in hybrid vehicle in April, the excitement was palpable. The Clarity is Honda’s model name for the line of its most environmentally friendly vehicles. The Clarity, which will arrive at Honda dealers nationwide […]