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Three Innovative Ways That Hyundai Is Improving Your Commute

Those daily commutes can be absolutely grueling, and you’ll surely want a vehicle that will make those journeys a lot more tolerable. Well, you won’t have to look any further than Hyundai, as the brand’s various offerings will definitely make those longer rides a lot more bearable. For instance, the efficient engine options means you’ll be spending less money at the pump, while the variety of entertainment features will keep you occupied.

Before you go hunting for Hyundai dealers, see what innovations you can expect from Hyundai’s crop of vehicles…

Efficient Engine

Gas prices aren’t as egregious as they were this past decade, but you still can’t blame consumers for seeking optimal fuel efficiency from their new purchase. Hyundai’s engineers certainly recognized this, so they added a number of innovative technologies to their crop of engines to help drivers save extra money at the pump.

For instance, the Gasoline Direction Injection technology sends the fuel directly to the applicable engine’s combustion chamber. This doesn’t only help boost an engine’s efficiency, but it also plays a significant role in reducing carbon emissions. Meanwhile, the EcoShift Dual Clutch Transmission provides a seamless stream of power from the engine to the transmission, thus improving fuel efficiency. As the brand is eager to point out, this is a technology that’s often reserved for significantly pricier vehicles.

Entertaining Amenities

Personally, when I think of automobile technology, I’m thinking of inclusions that boost entertainment. There’s no doubt that these amenities are included in Hyundai’s vehicles. The touchscreen is a clear highlight, as this inclusion provides drivers access to an assortment of different applications, whether navigation or radio.

Plus, these vehicles also provide Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. Thanks to this technology, drivers can seamlessly connect their smartphone to their new Hyundai vehicle. This doesn’t only mean that you can enjoy your favorite playlists, it also means you can easily send text messages or enjoy your favorite applications. If your phone is equipped with the Siri Eyes Free technology, it means you can even access these amenities without taking your eyes off the road, thus providing the utmost safety.

Unmatched Convenience

There are several technological inclusions that will make the car-buying process a lot easier to tolerate. For instance, the Integrated Memory System allows drivers to program two different seating positions, eliminating any of the inconveniences that accompany letting another driver operate your car. The hands-free smart trunk is just as appreciated, as drivers will get automatic access to their trunk when the key fob is detected. If you’re used to fumbling for your keys as your hands are full of groceries, this will no longer be a predicament.

Finally, thanks to the brand’s inclusion of the Hyundai Blue Link smartphone application, you can remotely access several aspects of your vehicle. This includes locking/unlocking doors, operate the engine, and even manipulating the air conditioning and heat. If you’re apprehensive about leaving your house on a cold morning, now you can easily access your vehicle from the comfort of your own couch.