Dealerships in Fort Worth

Texas Drivers: Is YOUR Ride Among THIS List of Lone Star Favorites?

If you find yourself searching dealerships in Fort Worth, Texas you might have the image of a particular make or model very clearly formed in your mind. And if you’ve made a recent vehicle purchase we hope that it has lived up to every expectation that you had. Why? Sure, the purchase of a vehicle [...]

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Dear Car Dealerships

Oh, the stigma of car dealerships. Granted, today’s car buyers continue to share dealership horror stories, but if you’re over a certain age (let’s say 30) you probably remember a time where automotive sales barely qualified as human beings. In the evolutionary food chain, car salesman were rated somewhere above non-thinking single-celled organism and fungal [...]


Top 8 Family-Friendly Reasons The 2018 Ford Flex is Perfect for Your Crew

For most families, cars are way more than just a way to get from A to B. They are practically a second home. Between ball practice, vacations, and errands your life happens inside your car. The impromptu rock concert, the game of I spy, the hauling of your four year old's epic dragon birthday cake [...]

Five of the Worst Automotive Ideas of All-time

Every car brand is seemingly competing to see what innovative feature they can include in their upcoming vehicles. Over the years, we’ve seen this technology evolve dramatically, and many drivers find it hard to imagine a driving experience that doesn’t include radio, technology, or other applicable amenities. Of course, years ago, engineers had seemingly yet [...]

Your Nissan Dealership Has a Surprise For You

When was the last time that you visited a Nissan Dealership? No, scratch that. When was the last time that you explored everything that Nissan had to offer? From vehicle selection and the wealth of online information, to dealer inventories and certified pre-owned programs, there is no shortage of reasons to get excited about Nissan. [...]

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Buy Here Pay Here

The situation is hardly an enviable one. Imagine that you are in need of a vehicle. Maybe this is your first car purchase, or possibly the first one you’ve purchased in a while. Perhaps the vehicle that you’ve been driving has met its demise. Whatever the reason, you are without a vehicle with an urgent [...]

Using Horrible Online Car Ads to Emphasize Why You Should Avoid Private Sellers

We’re about to teach you a valuable lesson about why you should ignore private car sellers and opt for legitimate, reputable used car dealers instead. By relying on several of my personal favorite Facebook and CraigsList ads, I’ll clue you in as to what types of listings you should probably be avoiding. Additionally, I just [...]

A Look Back at Truck Bed Liners

Whether your truck is a show piece, a work horse (or a combination of the two), there is little debate as to the importance of a truck bed liner. Aside from the level of protection that it will offer to ensure a longer life for your truck, few would argue the level at which it [...]

MLB All-Star Game MVPs Have Taken Home Impressive Chevys

Chevy’s relationship with Major League Baseball has been ongoing since 2005. The car brand ultimately developed the Chevrolet Youth Baseball program, and the company has donated more than 135,000 equipment kits, revamped more than 9,000 parks, and impacted 6.7 million children since its inception. Of course, one of the brand’s other requirements is to award [...]

To Lift…or Not To Lift

"That is the question…” Okay, it’s hardly Shakespeare but, then again, it’s hardly a question. Few Jeep drivers (if any) have not considered modifying their Jeep with a raised suspension or oversized tires. A common consideration for many off-road vehicles, it’s sort of an inevitability when you’re talking about a Jeep. Whether the lift is [...]