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Dear Car Dealerships

Oh, the stigma of car dealerships. Granted, today’s car buyers continue to share dealership horror stories, but if you’re over a certain age (let’s say 30) you probably remember a time where automotive sales barely qualified as human beings. In the evolutionary food chain, car salesman were rated somewhere above non-thinking single-celled organism and fungal […]

To Lift…or Not To Lift

“That is the question…” Okay, it’s hardly Shakespeare but, then again, it’s hardly a question. Few Jeep drivers (if any) have not considered modifying their Jeep with a raised suspension or oversized tires. A common consideration for many off-road vehicles, it’s sort of an inevitability when you’re talking about a Jeep. Whether the lift is […]

The Power & Burden of Selling Your Car

Here you are thinking, “I want to sell my car.” Great. Grand. Awesome. MORE POWER TO YOU In today’s online world, constant connectivity paves the way for an expectation of immediate results. We demand real-time updates in everything from weather forecasts and world events, to the minutia of our personal lives. But access to information […]