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Why BMW?

A list of compelling reasons why so many drivers all over the world find themselves drawn to a BMW Dealership could (arguably) go on forever. After all, as far as high-end sedans go, BMW does an impeccable job of blending performance, all-wheel versatility, luxury styling and available technologies within an iconic, and perfectly on-brand design. […]

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon = Goals

To make use of an overused term, we all have our own ‘trigger’ when it comes to current auto news. Different headlines catch different eyes and developing stories keep our attention with varying levels of success. If you want my attention, you’re probably going to catch it with Fiat-Chrysler’s continual reinvigoration of classic Dodge muscle […]

Three Major Reasons Why the 2017 Chevy Colorado Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Considering how impressive Chevy’s line of Silverado pickup trucks is, we wouldn’t blame you if you naturally find yourself ignoring the 2017 Chevy Colorado. After all, the Silverados have superior power specs and performance capabilities, making it the ultimate worksite truck. As a result, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards this model when you’re visiting a […]