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Three Major Reasons Why the 2017 Chevy Colorado Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Considering how impressive Chevy’s line of Silverado pickup trucks is, we wouldn’t blame you if you naturally find yourself ignoring the 2017 Chevy Colorado. After all, the Silverados have superior power specs and performance capabilities, making it the ultimate worksite truck. As a result, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards this model when you’re visiting a Chevy dealership.

However, just because the Silverado is considered the “class” of the pickup segment, that doesn’t mean that the Colorado is an inadequate target. Rather, it’s the contrary, as the Colorado is still one of the most impressive pickup offerings. Drivers can expect plenty of power, optimal fuel efficiency, innovative technology, and an array of safety functions. Best of all, the Colorado has a leg up on the Silverado when it comes to one of the most essential factors (we’re talking about price).

Below, we’ve explored several reasons why the 2017 Chevy Colorado shouldn’t be under-appreciated. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll surely be looking to start shopping for work trucks for sale in Cincinnati


Versatile Engine Options

Yes, the Silverado’s array of engine offerings are incredible. Yes, the Silverado’s engines deliver superior power to those included in the Colorado. Yes, if price wasn’t a factor, we’d probably opt for the Silverado’s engines.

However, just because the brand might offer better engine options elsewhere, that doesn’t mean that customers should be underestimating the systems included in the 2017 Colorado. The three offerings provide an adequate amount of power, making the vehicle a perfect target for the work site. Furthermore, these systems deliver excellent fuel efficiency, an attribute you certainly won’t find from other pickups.

The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine manages to pack quite the punch, delivering 200 horsepower and 191 pounds-feet of torque. Thanks to these specs, drivers can also expect a 3,500-pound towing capacity from the vehicle, a number that isn’t often seen from smaller pickup trucks. Despite all of this power, drivers can still anticipate a 26-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency, a spec that’s often reserved for sedans.

If drivers are seeking a bit more muscle from the Colorado, they can opt for the 3.6-liter DOHC V6 engine, which manages to crank out 275 pounds-feet of torque and a best-in-class 308 horsepower. Predictably, this influences some of the truck’s other performance specs, as drivers can also anticipate a best-in-class 7,000-pound towing capacity. Despite all of this power, drivers can still capitalize on the respectable 25-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency.

Of course, for those who want to dish out some extra change, there is the incredible Duramax 2.8-liter Turbo-Diesel engine, which delivers an array of best-in-class specs. This unit delivers an unbelievable 369 pounds-feet of torque (BiC), 181 horsepower, 7,700-pound towing capacity (BiC), and a 30-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency (BiC).


Innovative Technology

Once upon a time, pickup trucks generally came as bare bones as you could get, as engineers didn’t fill their vehicles will a ton of amenities. However, Chevy is clearly committed to optimizing their vehicles’ technology, and as a result, you’ll find a number of innovative features included in the 2017 Chevy Colorado. It predictably starts with the brand’s infotainment system, the Chevrolet MyLink unit. Via the eight-inch-diagonal color touch-screen, drivers will have access to an assortment of notable applications. Plus, thanks to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, drivers can also seamlessly connect their smartphone, meaning they can listen to their favorite playlists or make phone calls.

If the driver does decide to jam out to their favorite tunes, they can do so via the Bose sound system, which provides drivers with an unmatched listening experience. Plus, thanks to the “inlaid triple-sealed doors, thick windshield and side glass, and liquid-applied sound deadener,” occupants won’t be distracted by the sound of the engine or wind.

Meanwhile, occupants will also have the opportunity to capitalize on the vehicle’s built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection. With the ability to connect up to seven devices, Colorado owners will find that their new pickup is the hotspot on the worksite. Few vehicles are capable of providing a reliable wireless internet connection, and this only emphasizes the model’s innovative technologies. Meanwhile, if occupants are worried that their preferred gadget will run out of juice, they can keep everything charged thanks to the four USB ports found throughout the cabin.


Reliable Safety Functions

Chevy always does an admirable job of stocking their vehicles with the top safety features and capabilities, and the Colorado is no exception to this sentiment. The vehicle is equipped with a number of functions that will help drivers avoid accidents altogether. For instance, the Forward Collision Alert can detect an impending crash and adjust the vehicle accordingly, while the Lane Departure Warning will serve as an extra set of eyes and alert the driver when it’s unsafe to switch over. Even the rear vision camera is a notable safety function, as drivers will be able to monitor everything that’s happening behind their truck.

In the event of a collision, drivers can rely on the vehicle’s high-strength frame and safety cage, meaning the truck should absorb the majority of a collision’s energy. The extensive airbag system should also provide occupants with the optimal cushion, keeping them safe and secure. If help is needed, drivers can utilize the OnStar Automatic Crash Response system, which will connect the operator with an OnStar Advisor. This individual will subsequently contact emergency personnel, and they’ll travel to the site of the crash in no time.

While all of these inclusions are appreciated, few of them are as innovative as the Teen Driver Technology. This system is the perfect accompaniment for any young driver, as it will refuse to perform many basic functions (like playing the radio) until occupants are traveling in safe conditions. Intended to promote safe driving habits, parents can also monitor the “in-vehicle report” to see their child’s driving tendencies.