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Why BMW?

A list of compelling reasons why so many drivers all over the world find themselves drawn to a BMW Dealership could (arguably) go on forever. After all, as far as high-end sedans go, BMW does an impeccable job of blending performance, all-wheel versatility, luxury styling and available technologies within an iconic, and perfectly on-brand design. Offering confident curb appeal, a blend of performance and sustainable innovation and a culture all its own, a BMW is more than the sum of its parts.

The by-product of BMW’s consistency is opulence. While we could certainly be referring to the company’s annual revenue (north of $80 billion) or their upscale clientele, we’re actually referring to the vehicles themselves. Not to be confused with the esteem which they seem to transfer to their owners, a BMW represents true refinement in automotive technology.

Measuring Up

Loyalists aside, those considering the purchase of a luxury sedan might look at a BMW while also considering competitive offerings from the likes of Audi, Lexus or Mercedes-Benz. Such options may be out of reach for many budgets, but there is a certain level of unapologetic justification for luxury vehicles. That said, the BMW tends to the most affordable among them. So, if we’re compiling points in BMW’s favor, there’s that.

But more accessible pricing doesn’t mean lesser value. In fact, the value proposition offered by BMW is hard to match, regardless of which model BMW you are looking at.

Take, for example, the enduring appeal of the BMW 3 Series. With over four decades behind it, this storied sport-inspired sedan represents the automaker’s engineering benchmark and the unparalleled longevity with which it continues to thrive. Regardless of the variant chosen, the 3 Series speaks to the driving joy that accompanies BMW’s turbocharged engines, paired with precise handling that answers the call of even the most ambitious of drivers.

When thinking of executive-level luxury, one would be hard-pressed not to conjure immediate visions of the iconic 7 Series sedan. Elegantly sculpted and proportioned dynamically, the 7 Series speaks to both refinement and grandeur. Its inspired cabin design is a symphony of comfort and functionality, creating an environment that encourages organic interaction between vehicle, driver and passengers alike.

All BMW models carry a unique and distinctive cache, embodying the ideals set forth a century ago while embracing the need to continually evolve to embody contemporary definitions of driving excellence.


Whether in terms of improving sustainability or developing autonomous driving technologies, today’s BMW honors a legacy of innovation. It is the foundation upon which they’ve developed a product impressive enough to be called the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’, and the means by which such a lofty is able to endure unchallenged.

For the better part of a decade. BMW’s ‘Project I’ has existed to reinvent driving (quite literally) from the ground up. This think-tank is charged with a singular mission: to discard everything that we know about driving, and to reinvent the future of mobility. Such a venture addresses such obvious concerns as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as overall design and conceptualization, as well. Some people’s view of the future might be autonomous driving, but BMW recognizes the imperative need to achieve such endeavors with sustainable technologies and has made it a primary focus.

And in terms of Autonomous Driving technology, BMW takes a precarious position. Vowing never to create a vehicle that excludes a driver from experiencing the joy of driving, the automaker aspires to offer a commercially viable autonomous vehicle by 2021. In other words, the future is almost here.

But even today’s BMW delivers a taste of tomorrow in the form of intuitive cabin settings and gesture control technology. Never before has the relationship between car and driver felt this symbiotic and, in this regard, BMW stands confidently as a leader. In fact

Innovation, however, comes in many forms…

Redefining ‘Genius’

One of BMWs most appealing offerings isn’t even based on offerings or technology, but in people. Not dissimilar to the approach taken by Apple, BMWs 2014 introduction of their non-commissioned ‘Geniuses’ created a means by which they could form a stronger bond with their customer base.

With no sale to be made, BMW Geniuses are present only to assist and to educate customers on how to get the most out of their BMWs. Acknowledging their role as an innovative automaker, BMW realizes that the advancement of technology leaves a percentage of people less comfortable with those advances. By establish a customer-centric resource, BMW can minimize any pressure felt by a new customer. Speaking volumes in terms of BMWs commitment to customer satisfaction, it also goes a long way to assure buyer loyalty and to convert prospective buyers to BMW.

And as you’d expect from today’s technology, this support is also available in a digital format in the form of a downloadable app (reinforced by the BMW Genius hotline). It is, after all, nearly 2018.


And because ‘enough’ is never enough, BMW also offers its signature Encore service which can be scheduled following the purchase of a BMW. Allowing customers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new car, the Encore service acknowledges that BMW’s wealth of features might leave certain questions unanswered, or even unasked. While their ‘Genius’ service offers considerable value through the life of ownership, Encore is a complimentary one-on-one session offered to all BMW customers.

Presenting customers with the opportunity to explore every feature of their new vehicle, alongside a trained expert, is the type of concierge service that holds value on a number of different levels, especially brand loyalty.

Decide For Yourself

Enthusiasts and detractors might enjoy a spirited debate as to the validity of the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ moniker but, in all honesty, we lean more towards the side of the enthusiasts. After all, Bavarian automakers aren’t renowned for their lack of focus. If nothing else, BMW’s achievements represent what they aspire to, the perfection of balance. Never favoring performance, utility, luxury or technology at the expense of the other, any BMW (and every BMW) stands as an amazing testament to breathtaking excellence, and there aren’t any signs of that changing anytime soon.