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BMW for Sale

Why BMW is the Hero Luxury Cars Deserve

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind if Bruce Wayne was a real person, he would drive a BMW. BMW is the first brand that pops into people’s heads when they think of luxury vehicles, to the point where owning one is more than just owning a car; it’s a status symbol. A guy like Bruce Wayne has a thing for symbols, and the money to spare, so it only makes sense that he would drive one, at least sometimes. Though that’s just speculation, and only Ben Affleck knows the truth, if you’re in the market for a new luxury vehicle then “BMW for sale” should be what you are thinking. With more than a few classy options that definitely won’t help you stop crime, but will probably suit the needs of your secret identity.


3 Series

The 3 Series is the most popular series built by BMW, making up around 30% of the brand’s annual sales if you exclude motorcycles. This is most likely due to the fact that it’s also the most accessible in terms of price, with the 3 Series Sedan starting as low as $34,900. The 3 Series has three distinct versions, each with a slightly modified look and focus. While the sedan is your quintessential luxury four-door when it comes to aesthetic, the 3 Series Wagon takes that design and bumps out the back, allowing for 53 cubic feet of storage space. That’s not to say that the sedan doesn’t have its advantages, though; there are five available engines for the 3 Series, including one hybrid engine capable of reaching 71 MPGe, and the sedan is the only one compatible with all five rather than just two like the other body styles.

The Gran Turismo version directs its focus on sportier design, with more aerodynamic characteristics than other versions in the lineup. The two most notable of these additions are an active rear spoiler that automatically extends at 65 MPH and retracts when the vehicle drops below 40 MPH, and Air Breathers that pull air from the bottom of the front bumper and channel it around the front wheels, expelling it out slits in the side of the vehicle.


5 Series

BMW’s second best selling style, the 5 Series has only one body style available in the United States as opposed to the three that the 3 Series does, and it’s strikingly similar in design to the 3 Series Sedan. One major difference though is in its size. The 5 Series is noticeably longer and wider than the 3 Series, and while that does mean a difference in weight as well, the 5 Series utilizes lightweight, high-strength materials to maintain an impressive acceleration. Other outstanding changes include larger overhangs on the 5 Series and a distinctly different headlight design on the 3 Series, which may be the easiest way to tell these two series apart. Also available for the 5 Series is another hybrid engine that delivers 72 MPGe, along with three other possible engines to choose from. Yes, there is one fewer engine option than what’s offered for the 3 Series, but it’s worth the trade-off for a more advanced and powerful list to choose from. The 5 Series is equipped with a simple and easy to use Gesture Control system, though it should be noted that the 7 Series was the first to roll out this technology— not only in reference to BMW but the entire automotive industry.


7 Series

As one might guess after reading about the intuitive Gesture Control it introduced to the market a few years ago. Along with Gesture Control the 7 Series is chock full of exciting and innovative technological features to remind you just how far humanity has come since dinosaurs were our main method of transportation.

When I mentioned Bruce Wayne earlier, this is the car I had in mind. A button on the display key can automatically pull your car in and out of your garage or a tight parking spot, using sensors spread around the car to detect and avoid any objects in the way. An unfoldable table integrated into the rear passengers console turns the backseat of your car into a mobile workspace, and also a part of that same console is a removable tablet that not only has all the functionality of a normal tablet but can also control a good deal of features within the car to help maximize comfort and enjoyment.

Another couple features unseen in other BMW series are the Panoramic Sky Lounge— a series of 15,000 atmospheric light patterns decorating the glass sunroof to match the six possible colors of ambient lighting that accent the vehicle’s interior— and the Ambient Air Package that gives you eight different fragrance options to make sure your car always smells of success. If that isn’t extravagant enough for you, the new Welcome Light Carpet that illuminates the ground beside your vehicle with a pattern of white light will give you an entrance worthy of the red carpet.

With all this talk of light, of course I have to touch on the new BMW Laserlight, an absolute innovation in headlight technology. Right away you’ll notice a difference, with Laserlight doubling the standard range of LED high-beams, and the Curvelighrt system keeps your path lit even on windier roads. If you’re at all like me (which hopefully you aren’t, for your sake), then you may be prone to forgetfulness when it comes to your high-beams. Thankfully for fools like me, Curvelight’s selective beam adjusts to oncoming traffic to keep from blinding other drivers. The last of the major innovations brought to the table by Bruce Wayne’s (unconfirmed) favorite car is the Active Kidney Grille, which uses flaps within the grille to automatically regulate engine temperature.


Not “just” a BMW for sale

I could dance around the point all day, citing all sorts of facts and features until I fall asleep at my keyboard, but at the end of the day, this isn’t just about a BMW for sale, as a BMW is more about a lifestyle synonymous with class. And when you’re buying a luxury car, what else are you looking for but comfort and class? Not only does the BMW deliver both like a dream, Batman drives one (allegedly), and I’m not just gonna sit here pretending I’m better than Batman, are you?