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2018 Chevy Camaro

Why You Should Check Out Chevy Sports Cars

It is the company that virtually defined the sports car market well before other major manufacturers got in on the trend. Chevy has been one of the premier sports car manufacturers for decades. Ever since the introduction of notable vehicles such as the Chevy Corvette and Chevy Camaro, the company has put its mark on what people should expect from a sports car in terms of performance and capability. In fact, many people can find no proper substitute to the driving experience a Chevy sports car can provide. The combination of American muscle and modern ingenuity defines what the company is rolling out of its factories today.

The great thing about Chevy sports cars is their longevity that spans for decades. It is not uncommon to find a used Corvette or Camaro from decades ago that is still in perfect working condition. With a little bit of love and maintenance over the years, one of these cars can last you almost indefinitely before needing major repairs and part replacements. This makes a sports car from Chevrolet one of the few vehicles you can buy as a good investment. Whether you want something to pass down to the next generation or to keep you going for decades into the future, a Chevy sports car is one of the best vehicles you can purchase.


A History Of Performance And Design

Chevy has been around for over 100 years as an automotive manufacturer. Almost from the very start, Chevy design has had an emphasis on more performance in their vehicles compared to other companies in the day. As a result, the design of many of their vehicles has been influenced by performance-oriented automotive specialties such as racing and off-roading. It is easy to see these influences in the history of some of the company’s more notable sports cars.

Take the Chevy Camaro for example. This vehicle was born in the middle of the muscle car era of the 1950s and 60s. Starting in 1967, Chevy brought out the Camaro as a pony car to compete with the likes of the Ford Mustang and Pontiac Firebird. As a result, this car came to represent the never-ending pursuit of more speed and muscle under the hood. Millions of rebellious baby boomers bought this car as teenagers and young adults to not only defy previous generations but also to experience the true, pure thrill of high-speed performance and handling.

The unique thing about Chevy is the continuity of design it brings to the sports car industry. To this very day, you can purchase something like the 2018 Chevy Camaro to experience and relive the classic days of American muscle. With the ability to balance old-school feel with modern day technology, Chevy offers a unique take on a type of vehicle that is decades old.


Modern Conveniences

It goes without saying that buying a modern-day Chevy sports car is as close as you can get to owning a piece of history outside of restoring an old muscle car. While some people prefer the real thing, many others are rediscovering the thrill and excitement old American muscle delivered back in the 50s and 60s. Thanks to more advanced systems and features, modern-day sports cars from Chevy offer the same level of performance with more convenience and safety.

The 2018 Chevy Camaro, for example, does a good job of making you feel young even though the model line is over 50 years old. Now in its sixth generation, the Camaro has a good blend of classic high-powered performance mixed with modern conveniences.

Under the hood, the car offers up to 650 hp with the LT4 engine paired with a six-speed manual transmission. Using a more advanced traction control system, the Camaro offers better grip and control at higher speeds and during drifts and turns on curvy roads. With a top speed of nearly 200 mph, this can even outperform many of the older generations without any costly modifications.


A New Ride Experience

One thing that detracted from the early sports car experience with Chevy was the interior. In the early days, people bought sports and muscle cars from Chevy because of the speed and power they offered instead of the comfort. If you wanted something more comfortable, you had to go with the family sedan or station wagon. With the old-school muscle car, on the other hand, you knew what you were getting yourself into ahead of time.

Thankfully, all that has changed with modern Chevy sports cars. Both the Corvette and the Camaro now have more luxurious accents and features that improve comfort inside. Borrowing more family-friendly features from the company’s sedan and SUV lines, it is easy to experience the difference between a Camaro from 1968 and 2018.

The infotainment system in the 2018 Chevy Camaro is one of the most advanced you will find in the sports car category. Coming with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, the infotainment system will give you access to a wide variety of settings and applications to use with voice activation control for safe driving. The system is compatible with any modern smartphone or device for safe, hands-free operation.

One area that really has improved with time is the general riding experience. Before, more speed and power required some sacrifices in the comfort department. Now, thanks to a race-inspired active suspension system, you can expect a smoother ride even while traveling at higher speeds or on rougher roads.


Setting The Bar In Automotive Design

The most important thing about Chevy sports car design is the innovation it brings to automotive design in general. The company has never been happy with the status quo. Even when it keeps the key ingredients of its successful vehicles, it has found ways to push the boundaries in other areas. This keeps the push towards a better, more perfect car still alive even when the status quo is near-perfect itself.

Expect Chevy to continue to refine its sports car experience with the 2018 Chevy Camaro and beyond.