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To Buy or to Wait: Debating the Chevy Silverado

For anyone who finds themselves in the market for a new model year offering, there’s always a point in the year when you’re positioned between the current model year and the one soon-to-be introduced. This can introduce a genuine debate with oneself, especially if the upcoming model year promises any kind of refresh, or new features that make it particularly compelling. Well, for many of you…’tis the season. And for anyone in the market for a Chevy Silverado, you can count yourselves among the prospective buyers burdened with a particularly difficult decision.

Current auto news is littered with glimpses, reviews and discussions of the eagerly-anticipated all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado. With a total of six different powertrain options being served up, along with a noteworthy 450 lb weight reduction, the new Silverado looks to serve up significantly improved fuel economy, horsepower and torque ratings. In addition, the trim grade strategy is incredibly well-realized in addressing the unique demands of distinctively different buyer profiles. While it may be a difficult wait, it surely wont be long until this updated Silverado makes an appearance at your local Chevy Dealership.

For those who prefer videos over text, here’s a quick overview of the 2019 Silverado from its introduction at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

And for those seeking insight as to the available trim levels:

Talk about ‘something for everyone’. Cosmetically, the tiered lineup boasts distinctively different variations on a strong theme. Whether you prefer a blacked-out design or something heavily chromed-up, the Silverado’s selection of trim levels might be one of our favorites in terms of both diversity and consistency. While each trim possesses its own unique identity, they all feel like an organic part of a greater whole, and consistent with the classic expectations of a Silverado.

While this is hardly exclusive to the 2019 model year, we feel that the combination of diverse aesthetics with the new powertrains and weight-reduction give it an unfair advantage over the outgoing model and (dare we say) most of the new model year offerings from other competitors. Granted, Ford’s F-Series may still reign supreme in terms of overall sales, but the second-spot Silverado is no consolation prize. If anything, it feels like some of the gap is narrowing, in terms of overall appeal. Needless to say, when the the 2019 Silverado hits dealerships later this year, we expect to see them driven off in droves by enthusiastic buyers. And if Chevy’s execution matches their promise, we expect a lot of extremely happy customers.

If given the choice between buying now or waiting, personally, I’d be inclined to hold off. After all, what are a few months when you could find yourself behind the wheel of one of the best truck offerings of recent years?