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Three Reasons to Buy the New Hyundai Elantra

Apart from winning numerous awards, there are plenty of reasons to buy a 2017 Hyundai Elantra; however, the three primary reasons line up directly with what judges and consumers alike are noticing the most. Take, for instance, the new Elantra’s edgy and bold design, compared to the previous model. Or, the supreme ride quality provided by the suspension. Finally, an abundance of features seals the deal for many consumers, and the Elantra offers those in spades. Those hundreds of features seem to be a recurring trend in 2017 South Korean-based automobiles.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these three reasons, and see why the 2017 Elantra is something to consider for your next new vehicle purchase.

Sixth Generation Design

Hyundai truly put its best foot forward when it comes to the design of the 2017 Elantra. A bold and edgy vehicle for a stylistically stagnant market is only part of the reason the Elantra can turn heads. It also has to do with the vehicle’s 53% Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) body that allows higher structural rigidity. That means over half of the sixth generation model is made out of this material, which is sure to create a more stable, safe, and secure car.

Overall, the Elantra is also slightly longer and wider than the previous model.

Ride Quality

With the new design, Hyundai has also put a lot of effort into the suspension of the car, providing it with exceptional ride quality. Many reviewers are praising the exceptional handling and comfort of the 2017 Elantra when driven on the highway or on backroads.

Apart from comfort, the suspension of the Elantra is also meant to provide a sporty and fun ride. When paired to the 1.6-liter turbocharged GDI 4-cylinder engine found on the Sport trim, the multi-link rear independent suspension is added, really enhancing the sporty feel of the vehicle. Something not a lot of midsize sedans have nowadays, considering most of the “sporty focus” is on smaller or compact sedans.

With the Elantra, you can have both a comfortable ride and a sporty one. Regardless of which suspension is equipped, the ride quality is dialed-in, solidifying the fact that Hyundai has really nailed the overall performance for 2017.

An Abundance of Features

Whether you choose the SE trim or the range-topping Limited trim, you’re looking at an abundance of features. Whether those are standard or optional, you have a lot to consider.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a 7-inch display with AM/FM radio/SiriusXM and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility, leather/heated seats, hands-free technology, chrome beltline molding, a Blue Link telematics system, dual charging USB ports, or a side-mirror turn signal: Hyundai’s got you covered with all those and more.

Especially in the technology category, features play such a pivotal role in the new car market. Consumers want to stay connected however they can, and have no problem paying for that connectivity. A runner up to technology as a consumer priority is comfort and safety, which is why the Elantra’s features cover a little bit of everything.