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Brand Comparison: Jeep vs. Toyota

In the American automotive industry, big names like Ford and Chevy may hog the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they are the only options on the table for the average consumer. More importantly, other brands can offer better products, services, and an overall experience without the need for the largest market share. If you’re looking […]

Nissan Titan Warrior: Pretty/Ugly?

It’s been a couple of years since Nissan first introduced i’s Titan Warrior concept truck. In this age of beefed up, designer truck badassery the Warrior feels perfectly at home competing against the likes of the Raptor and Power Wagon. Offering a styled aesthetic inspired by the idea of futuristic battle armor, the versatility to […]

Settling the Ford vs Chevy Debate

Most people have heard the expression, “There are two kinds of people,” which is typically referring to personal preference, such as between brands or flavors. For example, there are people who prefer chocolate to vanilla, Android over iPhone, or Target to Wal-Mart. However, most of these rivalries are topped by the one between Ford people […]

A New SUV Design

With each passing year, we get to see the possibilities of pure electric vehicles come more and more to fruition. What was once a romantic notion of people concerned about the environment is now becoming a practical reality. In fact, more and more of the main car manufacturers are carving out a niche in their […]

Purchasing a CPO Vehicle

Certified pre-owned vehicles are a great way to find an excellent used car at an excellent price with extra coverage and protection. If you have ever bought a normal used car, you know there is always the potential to find something that is less-than-advertised. Problems that happen under the hood with the engine or drivetrain, […]

A New Paradigm for Transportation

The Ford Motor Company is around 114 years old. Beyond literally starting the automotive industry, this company has set milestone after milestone in terms of innovation and design. For a time, it was even the premier American automotive company in existence. To this day, it still retains many top spots including the number one pickup […]