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The First 5 Accessories You Should Consider for Your Truck

In 2017, truck sales continued a trend of surprising upsets in regard to which automakers saw increased sales, which fell flat and which fell short. Restyling and attempts at weight reduction may have proven divisive in some cases but, despite the pieces of the pie being redistributed, trucks overall continue to sell better than ever. No matter what make, model or year you’ve chosen, buying a truck is a bit like buying a house. Before you’ve even signed on the dotted line, you’ve mentally compiled a list of upgrades, accessories, and fixtures that you want to invest in.

But where should your priorities be? Assuming that you’re content with the truck’s performance (at least for the time being) the least costly upgrades can do a lot to improve your truck-owning experience. Whether designed to protect your vehicle, increase it’s accessibility or utility, here is a list of the first 5 accessories you should consider.


Floor Liners

Your truck and your boots are good reflections of one another. That said, if your work boots are rugged and get daily use, we can assume that your truck does. Creating immediate wear and tear on the OEM mats or upholstered floor of your truck , floor liners are a must-have accessory. Whether you look at big names like WeatherTech or Husky or look at alternate suppliers, floor liners should be at the top of your list.



Another simple purchase that will go a long way to protect your truck, especially if its subjected to more rugged use. Aside from long-term protection, mudflaps will certainly help to keep your truck looking good in the short-term between washes.


Side Steps

Not everyone is built with the kind of leg-span that makes it easy to climb into and disembark from a truck. The simple addition of Side steps, Nerf Bars, Running Boards or Step Bars make your truck more accessible to any and all passengers, guest drivers (or maybe even you, yourself).


Bed Liner

Once again, wear and tear can be a b*tch. Sure, you bought the truck with work in mind, but it doesn’t mean you need to let it go to hell. Whether you opt for a drop-in or spray-in liner, or a simple bed-rug or mat, the truck bed will thank you in the long run for that added protection.


Tonneau Cover

Regardless of what types of loads you’re carrying, there’s always some need to keep it safe from the elements. In addition, your bed will never complain about the added protection offered by a bed cover. From hard-top to soft, roll-out, retractable or trifold there are tonneau cover options worth exploring.


And More…

As mentioned above these suggested upgrades are based on overall affordability and the kind of simple functionality that can be easily overlooked. Whether your truck is being used for occasional products or faces the daily wear of work use, it deserves some degree of protection. But that’s hardly the end of the list; even our list has three more items you should consider right off the bat. Check it out…