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5 Must-Have (and 5 Should-Get) Truck Accessories

Almost immediately, a new vehicle becomes the pride and joy of its ecstatic owner. This is the honeymoon period, before any part of the pristine vehicle can be sullied by the likes of a muddy boot or a spilt coffee.

Flash forward a few months, weeks or days (depending on your lifestyle) and the honeymoon has come to an end. Suddenly, there are inexplicable scuffs, sand has collected across the floor and (even worse) there is clutter. Perhaps that clutter consists of tools and gear. Maybe its toys and books. It may even be wrappers (and loose fries) from a fast food meal or two. And it’s not just disordered…

You’re starting to pick up on a feature or two that fails to live up to daily use. Let’s say you’ve bought a Chevy Silverado, only to find that you have less storage space than you’d thought. Perhaps you’ve realized that you really need a tonneau cover, or that the one you have makes it cumbersome to work within the bed. Maybe you’re having difficulty reaching into the bed or have issues with the tailgate itself.

Rest assured, you’re not the first. It is, after all, the motivation behind aftermarket Truck Accessories. Whether designed to better organize your truck, improve its functionality, or extend its life, there are countless accessories worth exploring. But how do you separate the ‘must-have’ accessories from the ones that you ‘don’t-need’. Even more importantly, how do you endure endless solicitations to figure out the accessories that you really ‘should get’?

Listen…your truck is your truck; accessorize it however you see fit. That said, here’s a list of five ‘must have’ items that you should work into your plans if you haven’t already, followed by five ‘should get’ items that you might not have thought of yet.


10 Must-Have Truck Accessories

The following are items that most everyone will have thought of, or at least considered. Why? Because of a truck doubles as a work-horse and a show-piece. Yes, you want a truck that can get the job done, but it doesn’t hurt if that truck is a little bit easy on the eyes.

Whether you favor a drop-in or spray-in style is a matter of preference, but some kind of Bed Liner is a necessity for anyone who puts their truck to work, but still wants it to look nice. There is a range of options available, and much of it boils down to personal preference.

The same applies to the range of Tonneau Cover options available. Hard or Soft. Tri-fold, retractable or fastened. The choice is yours; no matter what you prefer, elements placed in the bed will be protected from the elements. Plus, a nice tonneau cover looks sharp.

Easily overlooked, Splash Guards (or mud flaps) are another important tool in keeping your truck clean and new looking. Doing more than just protecting it from water, dirt and corrosive salt it also minimizes the impact of rocks and stones being kicked up from the road.

Cargo Management options abound for every type of vehicle. For Pickup trucks, roof, bed and hitch-mounted racks are usually first to come to mind. While these are incredibly handy, there are also in-cabin cargo options such storage units that fit beneath rear seating.

Floor Mats & Liners, need we say more? No matter where you live, or the seasonal conditions you face, the upholstered floors of your truck will appreciate well-selected floor mats.


5 Should-Get Truck Accessories

While we don’t expect there to have been any surprises as our list thus far, the next part is sure to draw the ire of those who may have overlooked these items. If you ask us, they just make good sense!

Unless you’re the kind of sadomasochist that enjoys inflicting wear and tear caused by slamming your tailgate down, you might consider a Tailgate Assist Shock. Not unlike those used on household doors, a Tailgate Assist Shock slows the descent of your tailgate once opened. This prevents it from slamming and can minimize the risk of lasting damage or injury.

With advances in LED technology, Bed Lighting becomes a handy addition that is also easy to install. Especially suitable for those trucks with tonneau covers, and to truck owners whose schedules require them to work in darkness, many lights are a simple as ‘peel and stick’. That said they can be surprisingly durable, and ridiculously helpful.

A Swing Case can also prove helpful, especially to those trucks with tonneau covers. These utility storage boxes are hinged to the inner wall of the truck bed, sitting flat between the tailgate and the wheel-well. Swinging outwards they are easily accessible with a dropped tailgate and can be detached for portability.

Do you like your knees? Unless you’re taller, more flexible or able to easily enter a truck bed from bumper or wheel-well, you might be using your knees to climb up onto the tailgate. A Bedstep / Hitch-step can help to make this ‘a bit’ easier. Based on your model of truck, there are all sorts of styles and models to choose from,

In almost every geography, tailgate theft continues to be a growing issue faced by truck owners. Easily detached, stolen tailgates can be resold for up to thousands of dollars. And while local news stations might be promoting inexpensive hose clamps as a quick and easy fix, the best defense comes in anti-theft devices such as a Gate Defender. Easily installed, such devices eliminate any ease in detaching a tailgate, acting as a theft deterrent.


So, There You Have It

10 items in all. Your truck may have some of these accessories, all of them or none at all. While there are countless items out there that have a niche customer base, we genuinely feel that each of these are deserving of serious consideration. Not only will they help you to maximize your truck’s utilitarian features, but will increase ease of use while improving overall organization.