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Truck Accessories For First Time Truck Owners

What type of truck accessories are most essential after purchasing your first truck? If you’re a new pickup truck owner, you have just entered an exciting yet mysterious world of full-size vehicles with better performance, horsepower, and torque under the hood. Combined with a spacious cabin and versatile bed, you will quickly discover that a truck is more nimble and versatile than most other vehicles available. With that said, the right accessory can go a long way to making the experience even more enjoyable.

If you have just purchased a truck and have the itch to personalize it or buy something that will open new doors and possibilities for your latest vehicular purchase, it’s time to start looking at various truck accessories. Coming from many different brands and manufacturers, the sheer amount of possible accessories is almost overwhelming. That is why it is helpful to have a guide when learning about the different types of accessories available to you. You’ll be able to quickly see which accessories may be important to you and which ones you can skip over to save some money.

Here’s a brief look at some of the more common, useful truck accessories you can purchase today for your new pickup.

It’s All About The Bed


By far, the most important area that many truck accessory brands focus on is the bed. Alone, a truck bed is a great, versatile part of the vehicle. Giving you the most amount of cargo space without taking up the interior, a bed is where many customers, especially professionals needing a commercial vehicle, get the most value and versatility out of their truck.

Unfortunately, most truck beds are rather simple in design. This simplicity leaves a lot to be desired in terms of organization and storage in the daily use of your vehicle. As a result, many manufacturers offer truck accessories tailored to improve your truck bed to offer you a more useful and organized storage space. A prime example is a traditional toolbox. Mounted in the bed or on the side rails, these toolboxes give you extra space to organize and store smaller tools and equipment as desired.

Bed dividers can help you compartmentalize the inside of the bed however you see fit. By assigning a specific section of the bed for different items, you can keep smaller objects separated and prevent them from rolling around the bed during travel. Best of all, many of these dividers are easy to attach and remove when you want so you can change and customize the organization of the bed on the fly.

For the ultimate level of organization and storage, a dedicated rack or tonneau cover could be the way to go. Even though both of these options can be more expensive than common toolboxes and dividers, they can be well worth the investment. Tonneau covers enclose the bed below the bed rails so you can protect anything you keep inside from theft and the elements. A truck rack expands the amount of usable space so you can store things like cradles for kayaks and bikes with ease.

Enhancing The Exterior


Beyond the standard toolbox, some owners look to turn their truck into a versatile commercial vehicle by adding a ladder rack or bed cap. Both of these options are similar to the tonneau cover and rack systems but include more mounting points, storage compartments, and physical surface area to haul additional equipment and supplies without taking up bed space.  The upgrades don’t come without an added cost but are tailored to the working professional.

Off-road enthusiasts tend to pay attention to the exterior of their truck to accessorize. Additions to an off-road pickup can include body plating, larger tires and suspension, and survival gear like extra fuel tanks, tents, etc. Since a truck is a capable off roader already, most of these accessories are meant for extreme or specific use such as multi-day camping trips and overland adventures.

Everyday Accessories


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on costly modifications to get some great accessories for your new truck. In fact, sometimes, it is the smallest additions that make the most significant difference. When you look to the interior, for example, there are plenty of opportunities to accessorize and upgrade your truck without breaking the bank.\

As with any other vehicle, many of the details of the truck interior are customizable. Don’t like the audio system? Replace it with an aftermarket stereo and speakers for better sound. Need a better infotainment system? Throw out the existing one with a more advanced version with turn by turn navigation and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. You may find many of these accessories to be perfect if you have bought a used truck that lacks some of the more modern conveniences you may be used to in a smaller vehicle.

For the everyday drive, buy accessories you can use in any vehicle. Typical purchases like phone mounts and GPS devices come in handy when you want to drive around without getting lost. A smartphone holder, for example, is an easy way to enjoy hands-free control while driving even if you lack a more advanced infotainment system.

Making The Truck Your Own


The point of buying truck accessories is to customize and personalize your pickup. Trucks are more than capable right off the dealers lot, but to have something that fits your specific needs and lifestyle may require some additions. Think about how you intend to use this truck for a better idea of what accessories may or may not be useful to you.

Ultimately, the final layout of your truck will depend on what you feel will give you the most enjoyable, capable truck driving experience you can have. If you know your needs ahead of time, finding the right accessories to create a worthwhile, personalized truck will not be difficult. In fact, finding the right accessories can be a relaxing experience when you take the time to search around at all the different options.