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Oil Change Cincinnati

Keeping Your Vehicle At Its Best

If you are the owner of a new vehicle like a Chevy, lucky you! Todays cars are likely to last you for many enjoyable years, all while providing a driving experience rivaled by next to none. But over the course of your ownership of this car, it is hugely important that you provide it with the proper servicing. After all, a car that has not been kept up as it should have been is far more likely to develop problems – sometimes even serious ones – down the road. And these problems are likely to be expensive to fix, costs that all of us can agree are simply best to try to avoid. No matter where you live in the great country regular service is essential in keeping your vehicle in good working order. Alignments and suspension work up in New England (with all the pot holes ) A/C service out in the desert of Arizona or a regular oil change in Cincinnati. While getting an oil change might seem like a small thing at first, it is truly something that is well worth the time and the effort. Though some people will change their oil on their own, it is still recommended for the average person, particularly one that does not have much experience in the maintenance and upkeep of cars to take their vehicle in to be professionally serviced. A professional oil change in will keep your car up and running for many years if done on a regularly scheduled basis and can keep the car driving like brand new for just as long.

So, What Is An Oil Change?


Though most of us have heard of an oil change before, many of us do not have an in-depth understanding of what an oil change actually is – and all that it entails. Simply put, an oil change entails the changing out of the old and used oil in your car or vehicle and replacing it with new, fresh oil. There are a number of different varieties of oil available, and it is up to you (with the guidance of a professional) to pick out the one that will best suit your car. Some might be more attuned to your particular car than others, and so it is important to take the job of selecting the right type of oil seriously and consult with a professional for help and guidance throughout the process of an oil change.

What Types Of Oil Are Available For My Car?


Many dealers and manufacturers offer specific oil that they recommend for individual models. With Chevy being one of the largest auto makers in the country we can take a look at their recommended oil products.

Chevy specifics one of three different types of oil for their vehicles. While these oils have many similarities, it is more important to pay attention to their differences to fully understand which one is likely to be the best choice, the right choice, for your vehicle.

The most standard of oils offered by Chevrolet is called the ACDelco Conventional Oil. This oil is, as the name suggests, the bare minimum oil that you want to use in your vehicle. However, this does not mean that it is a low-quality oil – far from it. The conventional oil not only helps your engine run smoothly through the use of special additives included in its formula but actually helps to protect your engine from corrosion as well.

The full synthetic oil produced by the same brand of ACDelco is a better fit for the engine that needs a little bit more. Not only does it do all that the conventional oil does, it also helps to prevent the build-up of sludge and other such deposits, which work to keep your engine running as smoothly as possible. Finally, the Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil presents the final option offered through Chevrolet. With many of the same attributes as the ACDelco Full Synthetic Oil, this oil also provides high-temperature stability (which is important for preventing the thickening of the oil) as well as protection from unnecessary wear when the car is started at low temperatures, as is common during the winter months.

How Frequently Does My Oil Need To Be Changed?


Finally, it is hugely important to consider the schedule on which your oil should be changed. To be more specific and exact, it is recommended that you look in the owner’s manual that came with your car, as this will have a recommended schedule for car maintenance and servicing already laid out. However, the typical vehicle requires an oil change about every 3,000 miles in order to keep the car in as a good of shape as possible.

Some manufacturers like Chevrolet have developed systems to aid drivers monitor when they need an oil change, with their Oil Life Monitoring System.  This system often prevents the need for such frequent changes by having the computer monitor driving habits with on vehicle sensors(though again, your owner’s manual should be consulted just to verify). Many Chevrolet vehicles now require an oil change far less frequently than in the past, saving the car owner both money and time. An oil change can be pursued at the nearest Chevrolet dealer, making an oil change easy to come by and easy to do.

Regular maintenance is essential for any type of vehicle no matter what brand you have. From the oil change to regular tire rotation, it is hugely important to provide regular maintenance to your vehicle in order to keep it in the best condition possible. In fact, many people find that regularly servicing their Chevrolet car by following the recommended factory schedule is likely to keep their car running like it did when they first bought it, even years down the line. You want to treat your car with care, and providing regular maintenance for it is an important part of meeting these standards of car care for your Chevrolet vehicle.