A bottle pouring oil into a car engine

6 Steps to Take to Properly Winterize Your Car

Winter is nearly upon us, a time of bone-chilling temperatures, road salt, and slippery conditions. All of which can be very damaging for your car, not to mention dangerous in the wrong situation! If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that winter hasn’t quite struck, you may have a bit of time to [...]

Oil Change Cincinnati

Keeping Your Vehicle At Its Best

If you are the owner of a new vehicle like a Chevy, lucky you! Todays cars are likely to last you for many enjoyable years, all while providing a driving experience rivaled by next to none. But over the course of your ownership of this car, it is hugely important that you provide it with [...]

The Color of Your Engine Oil Says A Lot; So Pay Attention

Did you know that your engine oil changes color? Yup, and it also tells you a lot about your engine's overall condition. Before we dive into this, it’s important to understand that while the different colors are typically indicative of different things, these shades shouldn't be considered the law of the land. For example, engine [...]