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ONE Reason to Consider Chevy (Over All Other Automakers)

So, you’re looking to purchase a vehicle. Whether new or pre-owned, it’s fairly likely that you’ve performed (or are in the midst of performing) some level of due diligence. Perhaps you have an automaker whose offerings you prefer over all others, or maybe you’ve narrowed things down to one of two. You’ve compared vehicle specs, read the consumer reports, test drives and reviews and will inevitably begin to research your dealer and financing options (if you haven’t already done so).

But inevitably, that first selection of automaker will play the largest role in determining your satisfaction. It will influence the options that are available to you, whether you are interested in car, truck, crossover or SUV. It will drive the aesthetic styling and powertrain configurations that you have choose from. It will determine how far your buying dollar goes, and what features might be included across the trim levels that are served up.

This is why it’s important to understand which attributes you value the most in a vehicle. Automakers measure up differently in terms of how they answer certain demands, be it in terms of performance, versatility, design or the inclusion of amenities. With this in mind, certain automakers set themselves apart by confidently answering nearly all of those demands.

Let’s be honest. There are countless reasons why a Chevy deserves the consideration of any prospective buyer. Whether they are looking for an economical subcompact, confidently-styled sedan, versatile crossover or SUV or a capable truck the lineup has plenty to offer. Regardless of which segment you’re considering, Chevy has served up an offering designed with the unique demands of both your lifestyle and budget in mind. But ONE of Chevy’s greatest strengths comes in the inclusion of available technologies.


The Evolution of Expectations

In 2018, it’s almost hard to remember a time when the only expectation of a vehicle was that it got you from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’. Along the course of the last fifty years, the expectations that we have thrust upon automakers has expanded significantly. Sure, we still want and need safe and dependable transportation, but there’s so much more on our automotive wish list.

Concerns of safety and dependability have been answered by advances in technology. Different technologies have been employed to meet demand for more sustainable options, with improved fuel economy. And our 24/7 stimulation-driven world has created the expectation for expanded infotainment options and constant connectivity.

While we still appreciate vehicles in a more pure, automotive sense, all of the considerations above have changed how we assess vehicles against one another. So how does Chevy measure up in terms of technology? Let’s focus on two areas: infotainment and safety.


Infotainment Technologies

If you’ve compared various makes and models, you might be surprised to see just how lacking some offerings are in terms of infotainment and connectivity.

Considering the prevalence of ‘Hands-Free Driving’ legislation in place worldwide, why do so many automakers still fail to standardize Bluetooth connectivity across all models and trim levels? Considering that most every adult, and the majority of children over a certain age, utilize a phone and/or tablet, why do so few vehicles include WiFi capability?

Chevy believes that Bluetooth connectivity shouldn’t be optional, as it is required for the safe and compliant use of handsfree devices.

Not only are most every Chevy vehicle Bluetooth compatible, but there is also the availability of 4G LTE WiFi enabling the use of wireless devices without placing a constant drain on cellular data plans. Further smartphone integration comes in the form of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, allowing for yet another way to enjoy your music in today’s ever-connected world.

This combined with GPS and infotainment technologies, such as HD and Satellite radio and rear-passenger entertainment options, ensures that your Chevy meets 21st century demands.


Safety Technologies

In a world that requires our constant attention, what good is a vehicle that doesn’t help to ensure our safe arrival. Chevy’s safety technologies are inspired by a three-word philosophy: Prevent, Protect, Respond.

Proactive technologies such as Chevy’s Stabilitrak (Electronic Stability Control) System are a great starting point. Standard in all Chevy vehicles, this helps to increase driver confidence by adding control in low-traction driving conditions.

Newer inclusions in Chevy’s preventative arsenal include:

  • ‘Lane Keep Assist’ which utilizes a camera system to identify any deviation from your driving lane. If detected, the system ‘nudges’ the steering wheel to alert the driver.
  • ‘Rear Cross Traffic Alert’ utilizes radar sensor to detect any vehicle traffic at the rear of the vehicle, in situations where driver visibility might be limited.
  • ‘Forward Collision Alert’ system use a combination of camera and radar technology to identify the slowing of vehicles in your current path.
  • ‘Forward Automatic Braking’ supplements that technology, by applying the brakes in anticipation of a collision to minimize its severity (or prevent it altogether).

Recognizable protective features include the incorporation of up-to-10 airbags with 360-degree sensor system allowing for instant protection in the event of a collision. Combined with the durability of a high-strength steel frame to absorb impact, and state-of-the-art restraint and LATCH (Lower Anchors and Top Tethers for Children) systems, Chevy is able to provide countless assurances of safe arrival.

And finally, the need for Response comes in the form of available OnStar Crash Response, with a free three month trial available on most every Chevy model.

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