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2018 Chevy Colorado

Getting to Know The 2018 Chevy Colorado

Chevy was the very first native automaker to produce a compact pickup. However, at one point in 2012, the Chevy Colorado was discontinued. Finally, the 2018 Chevy Colorado leaves fans with no doubts of this pickup trucks major comeback.

The Chevy Colorado has always been capable of fitting into every possible condition it’s placed into, which is impressive for a pickup truck, even a mid-sized one. It has got inner and outer flair, powerful performance, and customizations you could spend days sorting through to find your perfect match.



In 1980’s Detroit there was a desperate need to prevent Japan automakers from building the inroads. Compact wasn’t a word the United States associated with pickup trucks until that time. Only Japan had these types of automobiles, and it caused a lot of hassle for Americans. It was time to finally bring in a new smaller but as powerful, truck and General Motors was glad to do it. This was the birthplace of the Chevy Colorado.

This does not imply that this was how the story ends, in fact, it was just the start of this revolution of mid-size pickups. In 1982, the Chevrolet S-10 was introduced, followed by their rival Ford announcing the 1983 Ranger. In 1987, Chrysler jumped in with the Dakota. The S-10 got a major redesigned in 1994, and in 2004 they created a new version which would go by the name Colorado after the state.

This was not only an American effort though. The Colorado was a project by the GM’s of the North American and Brazilian teams. It sold well in the first three or so years of its times, but gas prices were no longer friendly, and it had to be terminated in 2012. Luckily, it made a stunning comeback in 2015, and now we have the 2018 Chevy Colorado of our time.


The 2018 Chevy Colorado

There is a substantial amount to admire about the 2018 Chevy Colorado. So much so that it is best to explain it all by breaking it down into easy to scan sections for your convenience. After all, the Chevy Colorado is all about convenience.



You have most likely never encountered such an attractive way to do your dirty work. The 2018 Chevy Colorado has a brawny appearance despite its compact nature, that is surprising complimented by its defining curves on the exterior. The bowtie-brand look works well with its wide headlights and a big, chrome grille. The design is not simply an American style as the Silverado is, it actually has been evolving from a more Southeast Asian shaping that was its original inspiration. Depending on your taste, you can choose a trim that can range from aggressive to downright classy.



The 2018 Chevy Colorado is a truck that is so compact and well-rounded that its performances leave something to offer every type of buyer.

The Colorado offers three types of engines to suit your needs. A standard 2.5 l 4-cylinder with 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque. The other two are a turbo diesel 2.8-liter inline-4 that has 181 hp and a 3.6-liter V6 with 308 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. The V6 engine is required with all crew cabs.

Another great show of the Colorado’s performance power is its ability to off-road. This is an amazing performance feature included in the Z71 and ZR2 trims.



At the mention of trims, the possible trims go as followed: Base, Work Truck, LT, Z71, and the newest addition the ZR2. Let us go into detail trim by trim:

  • Base. The is the standard model of 2018 Chevy Colorado. If you google Chevy Colorado, this is most likely the trim you will first get stats for. The starting price is $20,200 and comes in 9 colors. It includes 200-hp, 2.5-L I-4 engine and a combined 22 MPG. Also, it comes two-wheel drive as standard.
  • Work Truck. This trim is really meant for a more business type client. It keeps everything from the base model but adds a few key things. For the extended model, you can have the 6-speed manual transmission, dual rear seats with extra storage. As for the CrewCab, you get the 3.6L direct-injection V6 engine, eight-speed automatic transmission, and folding rear benches. Both models allow for six-speed automatic transmission and carpeted flooring with mats.
  • The LT trim carries over even more features from both the Base and WT trim. It allows for Onstar capability, body color corner step, chrome beltline, 17-inch aluminum wheels with metallic paint, 5 USB ports, leather wheel, mounted radio controls, remote keyless entry, and cruise control.
  • Z71. This trim is all about getting you off the road. Since this is the next level in the trim hierarchy, all the LT features are passed down. It also then adds an automatic Z71 off-road package with enhanced suspension, hill descent control, auto-lock rear differential and transfer case shield, Projector-beam headlights and fog lamps, and EZ Lift and Lower tailgate. When you are not off the road, it also includes remote start standard, climate control, and sliding rear window.
  • ZR2. This is the final and most expensive of all the trims. It also is about off-roading and even adds more to the package. Everything added to the ZR2 is off-road appearance package, off-road-ready suspension, multimatic DSSV Damping system, increased vehicle track-width, increased ground-clearance, trailer hitch and integrated brake controls, leather-appointed seats, wireless charging for compatible phones and mobile devices, and the ZR2 exclusive logos. You feel impressed just reading about it, you fall into lust the second you lay your actual eyes on it, and you feel at one with it the second you first get inside.


Who Should Purchase a 2018 Chevy Colorado?

The generic answer to this is, of course, everyone, but there are some who may be better suited. This truck is most attractive to those that desire compact power in their daily lifestyle. Such as, a blue color business owner, the person who travels through the mountains often, and an adventurous spirit who now and then requires a moment to spontaneously leave the road behind. If you relate to any of these, the 2018 Chevy Colorado is the ideal vehicle for you.

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