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White Mountains, New Hampshire

Live Free & Drive a 2018 Ram 2500HD

If you are living in the great state of New Hampshire, you already know that you’re living in paradise. Think about it – how many other states can boast beautiful beaches, lovely lakes and stunning ski mountains all in extremely close proximity to each other. And of course, being sandwiched in between Boston and Portland – two pretty cool cities – doesn’t hurt either.

Most of all, it’s an indisputable fact that New Hampshire has the coolest state motto with Live Free or Die. I mean, that’s just straight up aggressively awesome. Of course, if you want to really live free and take advantage of all of the amazing activities found right in our fantastic state, you’re going to need to get yourself into the right ride. You need a vehicle that can tackle a variety of terrain, can easily handle wild weather and can also carry all the cargo you need to camp, hunt, cookout or cruise around. Basically, in order to live free, you need to drive a 2018 Ram 2500HD – which you can find right in Keene, NH.

Read on to find out why the 2018 Ram 2500HD the perfect car for the perfect state.


Pick Up and Go (and Tow)

The Ram 2500HD is a powerful truck, even in base-engine form. The standard 5.7-liter V8 HEMI that fuels the truck tops out at a mighty 383 horsepower, but if you’re looking for serious strength, you can always opt for the 6.7-liter turbo six-cylinder engine instead. However, if you’re looking to make the most of your time in New Hampshire, what you really need to know is if the Ram 2500 HD can tow your boat and haul your cargo. Rest assured, the 2018 Ram 2500 HD can be equipped to tow up to 17,980 pounds if you opt for a diesel model. Of course, if you opt for a gas-powered 2018 Ram 2500HD, you won’t be left lacking when it comes to towing capability – in fact, you’ll still get a best-in-class 16,320 pounds of towing capacity- more than enough to get your boat up to Lake Winnipesaukee.

What about loading the bed of the truck down? Well, with it’s maximum payload capacity of 3,990 pounds for it’s gas-powered models, it’s safe to say the 2018 Ram 2500HD can carry your camping gear (not to mention, all your buddies gear) with absolutely no problem. If you’re looking to make the most of the great New Hampshire outdoors, the 2018 Ram 2500HD is the truck you need to get out explore say, the White Mountains.


Interiors to Warm Your Icy Soul

Look, it happens to the best of us – there are some days the weather is just so miserably snowy and cold that even our bones feel the chill… and that can make even the most hard-core winter wanderer cold in their soul. That’s why you need a truck that’s going to warm your bones and melt your heart every time you have to steer through the sleet and slush.

The 2018 Ram 2500 HD is available in seven trims, each offering increasing levels of luxury. Make sure you splurge a little when it comes time to choose your trim – it could be the difference between heated seats, leather interiors and a stunning array of available options that will make heading out the door and facing your blustery commute feel like a privilege. Forget snuggling up in your warm bed – you’ll be skipping straight out the door and right into the ultra-comfortable cabin of your 2018 Ram 2500 HD.


Get Living in the Ram 2500HD

Don’t let having a less-than capable vehicle hold you back from exploring all that New Hampshire has to offer. Get yourself into a 2018 Ram 2500HD and find out what Living Free is really all about.