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Have You Met Mahk? (Looking Back at Chevy’s ‘Real People’ Campaign)


Reminiscing on 2017, few would debate the fact that it has proven to be one of the most divisive in our shared history. In fact, that divisiveness seems to have fueled the creation of an almost solely argumentative culture, where many choose to remain silent simply because the debate is no longer calm (and rarely feels intelligent). With common ground diminishing so quickly beneath our feet, can’t we all just come together in this holiday season and agree on one thing?

Continuing the Chevy ‘Real People. Not Actors’ campaign into 2017 was stupid.

Don’t deny it. You know the commercials of which I speak, and you probably found them just as annoying as I did. The simple truth is that the campaign felt ‘beneath’ Chevy, like some kind of unnecessary pandering. Considering their diverse, capable and well-realized lineup I can’t help but wonder who the marketing Svengali was that forced his will upon Chevy’s team, convincing them that this would be a clever, innovative or even relatable campaign

Drawing the ire of so many, it is little surprise that the campaigns would attract the attention of several journalists. And despite remaining anonymous, one of the ‘Real People’ would be thoroughly vetted before breaking his NDA to reveal to the AV Club that the commercials had all the realism of scripted reality television. See more of that story here…


So, let us set aside our differences, whatever they may be, and stand together waving goodbye to 2017 in shared disdain for this garbage. But let’s do it with laughter, and a little help from our friend ‘Mahk’ (courtesy of YouTube channel ‘Zebra Corner’). Be warned, however, this is NSFW and intended only for humor.


Have you met Mahk? Here he is taking a closer look at the Chevy Malibu (for which he wouldn’t pay a dime over $15,500).


And here he, when presented with Chevy’s request to describe the Chevy Cruz using only emojis.


And my personal favorite, Mahk participating in a stereotypical millennial focus group.


There are a lot of things that we can collectively hope for in 2018. In all fairness, some of those hopes might be lofty considering the many rifts faced by our society. But if we’re lucky, the new year will mark (or possibly ‘Mahk’) the end of Chevy ‘Real People. Not Actors’.


You’re better than this, Chevy.