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Dangerous Assumptions Made in Terms of Driver-Assistive Technologies

Whether your visibility of the issue comes as a result of casual news viewing or an active engagement with current auto news, you might have heard some recent concerns over ADAS vehicle safety features. To be clear, such news-worthy concerns don’t have anything to do the wealth of safety features themselves, but with the casual [...]

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Autonomous Vehicles: The Sum of Their Parts

These days, you don’t have to dig deep into current auto news to find daily headlines detailing the advances in autonomous driving technology. Opinions differ on this divisive topic, but the timelines are growing evermore aggressive, as innovators seem to be tripping over each other to be the first one across the finish line. Reassuring, [...]

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The Future of Cadillac

Often paraphrased, misappropriated and/or translated in error, there is an ancient Chinese curse that states something along the lines of, “May you live in interesting times.” Depending on who you ask, the intent of the words might be either beneficent or damning in nature, but it’s certainly appropriate when talking about current auto news. Never [...]

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Toyota Looks for Motivation by Placing Itself in the Crosshairs

Any psychiatrist or self-help guru would agree that honest introspection is a key component of effective personal growth. Suffice it to say that the same theory would apply to corporate growth and, based on current auto news, Toyota seems to be holding a mirror up to themselves in order to inform the upcoming chapters of [...]

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Mass Sedan Cleanse Feels ‘Almost Biblical’

Recently, current auto news has been littered with reports of Ford’s decision to eliminate all cars (except for the iconic Mustang) from its domestic production schedule. Like some kind of Old Testament purging, this strategy leaves Ford with a partially clean slate with which they can re-brand themselves. But elimination of their car segment means [...]

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Making Sense of the European Auto Tax Controversy

In recent weeks, President Trump has made several public threats to add or increase taxes on European auto imports in the interest of making American auto manufacturing more competitive. These threats are just the latest in a long line of back-and-forth responses related to trade between the US and European Union. While a lot of [...]


A New SUV Design

With each passing year, we get to see the possibilities of pure electric vehicles come more and more to fruition. What was once a romantic notion of people concerned about the environment is now becoming a practical reality. In fact, more and more of the main car manufacturers are carving out a niche in their [...]

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Dear Car Dealerships

Oh, the stigma of car dealerships. Granted, today’s car buyers continue to share dealership horror stories, but if you’re over a certain age (let’s say 30) you probably remember a time where automotive sales barely qualified as human beings. In the evolutionary food chain, car salesman were rated somewhere above non-thinking single-celled organism and fungal [...]

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CarBuyerLabs Offers 5 Timing Tips When it Comes to Buying a New Vehicle

There is a good time and even best time for just about everything. When it comes to buying a new vehicle, the best time could mean a saving of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many car buyers believe in the “negotiating only” policy. As in, only a skilled negotiator can get a car salesperson [...]


What Car Dealership Trends Will We See in 2018?

Evolution happens in every industry, including car dealerships. Whether they're located in Boston or Cincinnati, all car dealerships have to keep up with changes in society. As such, trends emerge annually that change the way dealers help the public discover and purchase new and pre-owned vehicles. In 2018, many of the same trends that occurred [...]