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Why Choose a Truck?

So you are looking to buy a used vehicle. Let’s say you need a larger vehicle, enough room to fit yourself, your spouse, and maybe some kids or family. You all have luggage, bags, or other random items you carry. Maybe you need to tow a trailer or even a nice boat. Clearly, you are […]

Consumer Favorites at a GMC Dealer Near You

Wondering why GMC vehicles are among some of the most popular options on the market? GMC has earned a reputation for offering vehicles that lead their perspective classes across several of the most important automotive categories. Whether its efficiency, power, or onboard tech, GMC vehicles exceed expectations with each passing year. If you’re searching for […]

Choosing the Right Dealership

At the risk of sounding like a meme: I don’t know who needs this right now, but there are more options than you might realize when it comes to car dealerships in Carbondale (IL). Okay, we’re not trying to single out Carbondale. We’re simply trying to convey that, no matter where you are, selection of […]

Used Car Depreciation

Unlike other assets which commonly increase in value, a car, even a used car, continues to depreciate. They will continue to depreciate all the way down to their raw materials, which is the basic scrap metal. Also, unlike other assets, a car’s depreciation is usually only felt at the time that it is sold or […]