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A silver 2017 GMC Sierra is parked with mountains in the far distance.

Why Choose a Truck?

So you are looking to buy a used vehicle. Let’s say you need a larger vehicle, enough room to fit yourself, your spouse, and maybe some kids or family. You all have luggage, bags, or other random items you carry. Maybe you need to tow a trailer or even a nice boat. Clearly, you are in need of either a truck or SUV, here’s why used GMC trucks are going to be your best option, hands-down.


First and most important on your list is going to be interior. This is where you spend the majority of your time, unless you plan on riding on the roof which I recommend against. Average Americans spend a whopping 37,935 hours in their cars so the interior is going to make or break that time you spend in your car.

Used GMC trucks have the absolute most refined interiors of any pre-owned truck. GMC takes pride in the build quality of its vehicles and is unsurpassed in the truck market. This remains true from the beginning of GMC to today. The quality and features of used GMC trucks are unlike any other truck available and the comfort is that of a high-end luxury car, only it has the convenience of a truck.

Loaded with tech, used GMC trucks have the same features found on far more expensive vehicles. Features like active noise canceling and heated and ventilated seats make your comfort far greater than competitors. Other features like a wireless charging base, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and a giant infotainment screen make daily life within a GMC truck more than convenient. Not to mention that 4G LTE WiFi is available and the myGMC Mobile App makes it possible to start your truck, check your oil, lock your doors, even change the climate control in the truck right from your phone.

A quality interior is going to make the difference between having a comfortable relaxing drive home and simply getting more frustrated with your uncomfortable, loud truck. Riding in a used GMC truck is the pinnacle of comfort from a truck or full-sized SUV. Whether picking up sheets of plywood, hauling manure, towing a ‘68 Camaro, or simply hopping out to the store, used GMC trucks offer you the best name in comfort in any situation.


Choosing between a full-sized SUV and a pick-up can be a daunting task, both offer pros and cons that make them better for what you are looking to do. However, let me tell you, what you need is a used GMC truck. It offers the best of both worlds with the comfort that an SUV can offer.

The clear definitive advantage of an SUV is the enclosed cargo space. Instead of having an open and exposed bed, there is a useful trunk area with a liftgate and lots of space, and while this can be convenient, the truck bed can be made to be just a useful. Tonneau covers are available on any used GMC and many times come from the factory. This creates a space that is sealed from the environment and still easy to remove. Furthermore, bed caps are available as well turning your truck bed into a fully enclosed trunk space. While this still does not completely compare to the cargo space that is a part of the cabin, much can be done to mediate the separation. On top of this, most people find that the convenience of a truck bed far outweighs the downsides.

A truck bed can be outfitted to comply with any situation that you require. Worried about the weather? Tonneau covers and bed caps are available. Many customers are also concerned about cargo sliding in the bed, however, this is less of a problem than many people think, especially when a proper bed liner is installed. To top it all off, the bed gives you the space and the freedom to use it however you wish, toss in a tarp and make a pool if you want (again, not recommended).


Now here is where we really start talking about why a GMC truck is the best vehicle investment you can make. Because a vehicle is an investment, and when you start thinking about it as one, you start to see the benefits of used GMC trucks.


A grey 2017 GMC Canyon is parked at the beach. It is one of the used GMC trucks to check out.


Trucks are not unique in the car market, they depreciate just like any other asset does, and there are a couple of reasons why a used GMC truck is going to give you the value that you’re looking for. Depreciation is an unfortunate part of vehicle ownership. There is no avoiding it, but you can do your best to avoid it. First, when buying used, you’re not taking the initial hit of a new truck. Unfortunate as it is, new vehicles take the biggest depreciation hits. This has been greatly reduced in recent years and is slowly evening out, but the largest reduction in a vehicle’s value is within its first year. Avoiding this and buying a used GMC truck can save you thousands, even when buying a truck as the same model year that is still on sale as new. Second, trucks tend to not depreciate as fast or as drastically as other vehicles. They tend to hold their value and keep resale values high. What this means is you will be paying less for the truck while you own it. For example, let’s say you buy a $30,000 truck (including taxes, fees and interest), drive it for two years, and sell it again for $27,000. Overall you have paid $3,000 to use the truck for three years. $1,000 a year comes out to be $83.33 a month. Therefore, after all is said and done, you really only lost $83.33 a month to drive the truck, regardless of payments. With trucks holding their values better and depreciating left, your true cost of ownership comes out to be much less. Typically, upper mid level trucks are the best value. The very top echelon trim levels typically will lose value as the newest high tech features cost more to develop. Therefore, the well equipped mid-range models tend to hold stronger value.


One thing you will not have to worry about is the Devaluation of your used GMC truck as an asset. GMC has built its nameplate to represent more than just a truck. GMC is the best name in comfort, reliability, and prestige – hands down. The brand name holds strong and that helps to keep the value of its vehicles. Furthermore, GMC products in recent years have gotten only better and better, which brings more value to its used vehicles.


All around a used GMC truck is going to perform as one the best vehicles on the market. It covers nearly ever need a customer could look for in a vehicle, including value. These trucks are comfortable, reliable, efficient, powerful, and spacious. The only thing missing is the kitchen sink, which you could toss in the bed or tow it in a camper.

Used GMC trucks provide you with the downright best value in a vehicle. They can haul anything, take you anywhere, provide you with comfort, and all while getting decent gas milage. The all-around usefulness of these vehicles is bar none and the value is nearly unmatched. Hopping into a GMC truck can give you the driving experience you desire, at the price your lifestyle can support.

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