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Kia Keeps it Simple

The 2020 Kia Optima Hybrid finds itself in a very curious place. It has become well known that American manufacturers are cutting car lines across the board, focusing their research and development on pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Cars, such as sedans and coupes, have been replaced by much more versatile vehicles. But, the Kia Optima […]

What is GMC up to these days?

General Motors has long been a standard in American business. Not just the automotive industry, but American business as a whole. They were the first company in history to make $10 billion in a single year, in 1955. They have sent their creative engineering genius to the moon, in the way of a lunar rover. […]

Wrap It Up With Tonneau Covers

Even some people who may consider themselves familiar with the automotive world may have never heard the term “tonneau cover”. It is pronounced TON-oh, as in a half-TON pickup truck, and “oh my, look at that beautiful cover over the cargo bed!” For pickup truck drivers in particular, these are a popular aftermarket accessory. They […]