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Fusion For The Win?

This year even after discontinuing many of their sedans, Ford defies the odds in the mid-sized sedan market. The new 2020 Ford Fusion is everything you wanted and includes all of the amenities that you’d come to expect in a modern vehicle. The 2020 Ford Fusion has not missed a step when it comes to […]

Dealerships in the Chicago Tri-State Area

Depending on what type of car you’re searching for, there are lots of great dealerships in Chicago and Milwaukee to choose from. With the practice of car shopping online becoming more and more commonplace, in-person dealerships have been forced to step up their game. Before even stepping foot into the dealership, most buyers are more informed now […]

Preview: 2020 Chevy Trucks

If you are in the market for Chevy trucks in Albany, NY, then you are in for some great news. The lineup of 2020 Chevy Trucks is rolling into local dealerships, ready to provide you with the ride, dependability, durability, and towing capacity that have come to be the hallmarks of the entire line of Chevy […]

What’s The Chevy For Me?

When you walk into a proper Chevy Dealership, there’s no reason to question that you will be in good hands and be provided an excellent product. However, just because you know to walk into a reputable dealership does not mean that you should do so without doing some research yourself. You can make your local salespersons […]

15 of the Best Cars under $10k

Shopping for cars with a price tag of $10k or less can be rough. It certainly limits your options and can sometimes seem hopeless – but fortunately there are some really great opportunities out there for affordable, quality cars at a reasonable price. You should widen your search as much as possible, though your best bet will […]

Looking at Used Trucks

Americans love pickup trucks. It’s understandable considering these vehicles can go just about anywhere and do just about anything required in typical day-to-day activities. Whether you need a truck for work, off-roading, or hauling the family around, a truck is able to accomplish all these tasks and more. But which to choose? There are so […]

Which Used Chevy Should You Opt For?

Before you start hunting around the internet for “used car dealership near me,” you should understand one thing: Chevy vehicles are a perfect choice. Regardless of what brand you end up opting for, you can expect top-notch reliability, top-notch performance, and an affordable price tag no matter the accompanying model year. Of course, with so […]