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New Car Alert banner above a closeup of the grille and headlights of a 2025 Jeep Wagoneer S EV glowing the dark.

The 2025 Wagoneer S Satisfies Drivers With a Taste of All-Electric Power

Yet another EV will be hitting the streets later this year, but unlike some of the more unassuming models we’ve been seeing, this one is a true head-turner. It’s the Wagoneer S, and it’s ready to captivate drivers with an all-electric powertrain designed to take your ride to the next level of excellence. From its lavish appearance inside and out to the sheer power that resides within, the experience in the Wagoneer S will be anything but ordinary. When it comes to re-envisioning how you travel, the Wagoneer S takes electric capabilities and enhances them, creating unforgettable moments on the road.

Electrified Dominance

The Wagoneer name returned to streets across America back in 2022, resulting in a shift in luxury performance and innovation. Built to harness superior capabilities while offering a premium driving experience, the Wagoneer nameplate asserted its dominance in the industry, and the Wagoneer S is ready to push the boundaries even further with all-electric engineering. Urging you forward with an estimated 600 hp at the helm, this full-size electric SUV, the first from the brand, will add an intensity to the ride like no other. In addition to a dramatic ride, the Wagoneer S is expected to be able to travel up to 400 miles on a single charge, making it the ideal companion for any travel adventure in existence.

What’s more is that with its compelling ride quality and ability to jump from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, any journey will be more exciting and more enjoyable. Utilizing its acclaimed all-wheel drive system, the Wagoneer S will be able to confidently venture anywhere it pleases, allowing drivers to tackle uneven terrain or bad road conditions with agility and precision. With the amount of power packed in this all-electric SUV, Wagoneer is revitalizing the way we travel, adding the perfect mixture of practicality and exhilaration to the ride.

A black 2025 Jeep Wagoneer S EV overlooking a rocky beach at dusk.

Exquisite Elegance

Taking the gas-powered Wagoneer’s already incredible appeal and adding even more modern flair makes the Wagoneer S a sight to behold. From the moment it captures your attention, it holds you in its stare with a seven-bar grille and illuminating LED lighting elements. Upscale style reigns supreme, with a rear light bar, machined-face wheels, and an alluring appeal that makes the Wagoneer S the perfect example of utter luxury. The perfect blend of confidence, ruggedness, and refinement, the Wagoneer S caters to discerning drivers who desire a vehicle that emanates high-end style with ready-for-anything capabilities.

It’s to be expected that the interior of this captivating model will exhibit Wagoneer-level vibes, from premium seating materials to refined appointments and an overall ambiance that radiates opulence. The Wagoneer lineup is one of the most extravagant in the industry, and the Wagoneer S is predicted to amplify that level of luxury to new heights. Continuing to offer a spacious and accommodating interior cabin, accentuated with lavish appointments, makes the Wagoneer S a highly anticipated model, and it is expected to enter production later this year.

Shaping the EV Industry

It’s no secret that Wagoneer models are designed to elevate your time behind the wheel. The emergence of the Wagoneer S shows where the brand is going with its mission to offer advanced options that are more efficient and better for our environment. Until now, EVs have mostly had the same basic components—futuristic designs, comfortable driving dynamics, and plenty of tech. The Wagoneer expands upon the basic necessities to add fierce performance and extravagant features, setting it apart from the competition. When it comes to an electrified driving experience, the Wagoneer S delivers a powerful performance, and when it comes to opulence, the Wagoneer S checks all the boxes on a luxury driver’s wishlist—and then some.