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A red 2023 Wagoneer is shown from the front parked in an apple orchard.

2023 Wagoneer Buyer’s Guide

Few vehicles evoke as much nostalgia and passion as the Wagoneer, and for good reason! One glance at the iconic original brings memories of road trips, beach excursions, endless trails, and adventures galore roaring into one’s mind. The Wagoneer embodies freedom, power, wanderlust, and the ability to go wherever your heart desires, with whomever it desires. Yes, the Wagoneer is truly one-of-a-kind!

Now it is back. The 2023 Wagoneer is truly a beast to behold. While its current design is a departure from the Wagoneers of the past––more sleek and robust on the exterior, cushy and luxurious on the interior––that is purposely so. Stellantis has designed the new Wagoneer with the soul of the original in mind, bringing every much-loved aspect of that classic to bear in the 2023 model in a way that fits seamlessly into the modern driving experience and the expectations of the modern driver. Something that has been lost in the nostalgia of the original Wagoneer is that the Wagoneer was created to be the pinnacle of the SUV experience. They intended the Wagoneer to be the tip-top of the SUV market––a premium SUV, a concept that did not exist before the Wagoneer made the scene.

All-American Luxury

That “premium SUV” mark is immediately recognizable in the 2023 Wagoneer. While the body is sleek with hints of the original design, the absolutely stunning interior firmly places this SUV into the “premium” class. Luxurious to the max, the Wagoneer’s cabin envelopes you in comfort. For the driver, each detail is painstakingly placed. No control button or knob is out of reach or out of place. Everything the driver may need is perfectly positioned for maximum convenience and comfort. For each passenger, the same can certainly be said! Riding in the 2023 Wagoneer is a joyful experience, as it should be. Stellantis re-launched this brand with the Great American Road Trip firmly in mind.

The technology features are second to none for both the driver and passengers, beginning with the ability to customize your cabin with features. Beyond that, the available technology for the 2023 Wagoneer is striking. Screens are prominently featured throughout the cabin, including a sweeping design for the center dash console. Each screen is designed with both form and function in mind. From entertainment to vehicle information, every screen and information cluster is utilized to ensure a perfect road trip, be it short or long. Personalizing your Wagoneer experience is seamless with the myriad ways to connect your personal technology to the vehicle and an intuitive and fun smartphone app that allows you to interact with and control many aspects of the Wagoneer.

The second row grey interior of a 2023 Wagoneer is shown.

Unmatched Comfort and Safety

The most overall passenger volume in its class, the ability to comfortably fit up to eight adults, and a focus on every single one of those eight adults being as thrilled by the Wagoneer experience as possible. That is the overall story of the interior of the 2023 Wagoneer. Without a doubt, the Great American Road Trip machine has returned! On top of all of that comfort and class is the fact that this Wagoneer continues to be one of the safest SUVs on the market.

First and foremost, the 2023 Wagoneer supports you as you drive. Driver-assist features include Pedestrian and Cyclist Emergency Braking, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking, and Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path Detection. That Great American Road Trip has never been safer than it is when taking a Wagoneer. An Active Lane Management System pairs with Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go to make that trip even more safe and comfortable. When you reach your destination, available Parallel and Perpendicul­ar Park and Unpark Assist with Stop makes parking a breeze.

Finally, the Wagoneer is built with protecting you and your passengers in mind. Anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control combine with a full arsenal of airbags to ensure that the cabin is as safe as possible during a collision. Seat belt pretensioners immediately tighten automatically to hold the occupant in an optimal position during impact. Anti-whiplash headrests react immediately to rear impacts, cradling the passenger’s head to minimize the potential of whiplash. The 2023 Wagoneer is a luxurious fortress built to protect as much as it is to thrill.

Rugged Performance

Luxurious. Safe. Supremely comfortable. None of this matters if it can’t get you where you want to go, right? With the 2023 Wagoneer, you need not worry at all. After all, this is the Wagoneer we’re talking about here. The 2023 Wagoneer comes with three legendary four-wheel drive systems. Choose between the full-time Quadra-Trac I system or the more capable Quadra-Trac II system, which integrates a two-speed transfer case. Finally, the Quadra-Drive II system adds an electronic locking rear differential for lateral torque vectoring. All three four-wheel drive systems feature the Selec-Terrain Management System, which allows for enhanced all-terrain capability.

The Wagoneer also features a best-in-class 10,000 lbs of towing capacity, ensuring that any load you haul will not interrupt your seamless Wagoneer experience. The Quadra-Lift Air Suspension system, in addition to providing more ground clearance on command, can lower to make hitching your trailer easier. Also available is the Integrated Trailer Brake Control system, which brings your trailer to a smooth and easy stop in sync with your Wagoneer.

A standard 5.7L V8 engine with eTorque powers you through any excursion in this Wagoneer. However, the 2023 model adds an available 3.0L twin-turbo I-6 engine that produces more power while burning less gasoline. How’s that for a win-win improvement? With the available protection and equipment for the exterior, you can ensure that your Wagoneer comes out of that rugged terrain in pristine condition every time.

A red 2023 Wagoneer is shown from the rear driving on a winding road.

A New Era for the Wagoneer

The world has certainly changed since the original Wagoneer was introduced in November 1962. Driver and passenger comforts and expectations have evolved in ways that the original engineers of the Wagoneer could never have hoped to even dream of. But the root of the ride remains––the need for a premium ride that thrills, delights, and enchants everyone it passes. No matter the distance, it must be a joy to experience. That was the aim of the original Wagoneer, that was the goal of every follow-up model as it evolved, and that is what the 2023 Wagoneer delivers.

The best way to understand that is to experience it for yourself. Experience the stunning details of the exterior, the luxury that envelopes you as you step inside, the bleeding-edge technology that prepares and takes you on the ride, and the power that sits at your fingertips. The Wagoneer provides the safety that holds each occupant close and the soul of a truck whose reach extends across millions of miles and the memories made in each of those miles.

No other vehicle has created what the Wagoneer has. It truly has become the epitome of that American spirit that sends us soaring into adventure. Not just the Great American Road Trip, the Wagoneer encompasses the Great American Everything. It is freedom embodied and defined. Experience the 2023 Wagoneer today at a dealership near you. Contact your local Jeep dealer today and go for that ride!