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A blue 2022 Ford EcoSport is shown driving past a city and water.

The Most afFORDable Models

There is no getting around it; buying a car is an expensive purchase, even when you are buying something affordable. That said, many of us need a reliable vehicle to get around and go about our daily lives. So the question becomes, how do you get the best vehicle at an affordable price? It doesn’t matter if you’re buying new or used; you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your dollar, and you can do that by buying a Ford.

Before you visit your local Ford dealership to check out what they have in stock, it helps to go in with a plan, a budget, and a specific type of vehicle you’re looking for. Ask yourself, what’s your lifestyle like? Do you need a fuel-efficient commuter, or do you need a work truck that can pull its own weight? What about a versatile SUV that grows with your family? Narrow your search down, and then start looking for affordable options in that category.

If you want to make your dollar go farther, then Ford is a great choice, offering an excellent car at an exceptional value. So what are some of the most affordable models? We’ve checked out Ford’s lineup and narrowed it down to a few great choices. Whether you’re looking for an off-roading machine or an everyday ride to make your errands a little easier, Ford has you covered.

Compact Fun – The EcoSport

The compact EcoSport SUV is one of Ford’s most affordable models, with the all-new base model 2022 coming in at $22,040 and used models available for under 20K. The friendly-looking five-seater offers drivers plenty of features for the price point. The sporty good looks and compact size make it a great ride for crowded cities where parking in tight spaces and navigating traffic is part of the routine. But if you find yourself driving through less than optimal conditions, the EcoSports standard Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive gives you added confidence behind the wheel. The responsive and agile steering makes the EcoSport a fun drive around corners or on open highways.

For active drivers that want versatility, the EcoSport makes use of every inch of space. Use the 60/40 seating for passengers or flip it down for extra cargo space. If you want to get the most out of your EcoSport, check out the available Cargo Management System that allows drivers to adjust the rear load floor and shelf, making it easy to make room for everything the day calls for.

The compact car might look small on the outside, but inside it’s loaded with the latest tech and safety features from Ford. This includes the handy MyKey technology that helps young drivers develop good driving habits while giving parents the peace of mind they crave. Using MyKey, parents can put limits on things like speed and volume.

As one of Ford’s most affordable vehicles, the EcoSport delivers unbeatable value for drivers that are looking for a compact SUV crossover. Packed with user-friendly tech, comfort, and plenty of cargo space, the Ford EcoSport is ready to make your next adventure unforgettable.

A blue 2022 Ford Maverick is shown towing a teardrop trailer after leaving a Ford dealership.

Tough Trucks – The Maverick

For drivers who want to take advantage of Ford’s notorious reputation for building some of the best trucks out there, there is the affordable Ford Maverick. While we’re all familiar with Ford’s famous F-Series and their popular midsize Ranger, we can’t overlook the Maverick if we’re looking at price.

Drivers who want to get into a brand-new Ford truck will be happy to hear they can get their hands on a brand-new 2022 Maverick for $22,195! Considering Ford’s track record when it comes to building trucks, that’s an unbelievable bargain. The compact Ford Maverick is a capable, efficient hauler that won’t disappoint. It was named the North American Truck of the Year for 2022. With a comfortable, flexible interior, user-friendly tech, and a roomy cabin, the Maverick offers a lot in a small package.

The Maverick can seat up to five passengers while offering plenty of cargo room in the back for all your tools, equipment, or toys, while the full-size second row is comfortable for passengers of all sizes. The Maverick makes it easy to stay organized with door pocket storage and under-the-seat storage for the second row. Drivers can customize their ride to fit their needs.

The Maverick’s two powertrains boast high fuel efficiency and all the power you’re looking for in a compact truck. If you often use your truck for towing or off-roading, check out the available 4k Tow and FX4 Off-Road Packages to make the most of your truck’s potential. The Maverick doesn’t stop there. This truck was built for fun but also for work. A FLEXBED with a multi-position outlet makes loading and unloading easier than ever, while you get extra power when you need it with the built-in 100v outlet located in the bed with another located in the cabin.

Family Flexibility – The Escape

The SUV market is constantly changing, offering drivers plenty of options. So if you’re struggling to find a vehicle that gives you the most for your money, the Ford Escape is a great place to start. The Ford Escape is one of the Blue Oval’s best-selling models. When you look at what you get for the money really shouldn’t be that surprising. If you’re thinking about going all-new, a 2023 Escape can be yours starting at $27,500, with used models a few years older to be had for around $20k.

The Ford Escape has sleek good looks, the newest tech, and a reputation for being a reliable vehicle that offers miles of trouble-free driving for the owner and their families. Considering the compact SUV market is a fierce one, the Ford Escape still manages to secure a top slot for itself among the likes of popular models like the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4. Drivers can expect a lot for their money when they go with an Escape. Good fuel efficiency, driver-centered cabin, the latest tech, and plenty of space, just to name a few. Ford has given the Escape plenty of redesigns and overhauls since its debut in 2001, giving drivers looking for a used model plenty of great options to choose from.

The five-seater offers a flexible and spacious interior for a comfortable ride driver and passengers can enjoy. The adjustable second-row sliding seats with a 60/40 split give drivers plenty of seating and cargo options depending on their needs. The 2023 model boasts up to 40.7 inches of legroom in the second row, meaning no squishing, no compromises, just comfort. The wide rear liftgate that is available with a hands-free option makes it simple to access the rear cargo space, load, and unload without straining.

The Escape is made to impress. Whether you’re hauling camping equipment, work materials, groceries, or the entire family, the Escape offers unbeatable cargo space and a flexible, comfortable cabin that drivers can enjoy mile after mile.

A blue 2023 Ford Escape Platinum is shown parked overlooking a city.

Blue Oval Value

Get more for your money with some of the best new and used Ford models. From impressive compact trucks to flexible, spacious SUVs and crossovers, Ford vehicles offer drivers unbeatable value that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re shopping for a new or used Ford, you’ll see models that come packed with the best in tech and safety features, plus all the power and performance you need for your day. If value and reliability are what you’re looking for, it’s tough to do better than a Ford.