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A rendering of the 2021 BMW I4 in bright blue

Straight Outta 2021: Looking Forward to the BMW i4

Even as find ourselves edging toward December (and the new year, resting hot on its heels) it’s all-too-often that we find ourselves still talking about some of the things to come from October’s Paris Motor Show. The biennial event is, of course, of the oldest and most highly-anticipated showcases for all that is new and exciting in automotive. And by all accounts, the 2018 edition had plenty to offer up as satiation for the hungry masses, ready to consume voraciously, and none may have created a more enduring craving as talk of what could be coming to a BMW dealership near me or you.


There’s really no point in arguing the fact that sustainability is king, right now. In fact, certain regulations have ensured that automakers comply in an expectation to invest in the creation of hybrid, EV, and alternative-energy transportation solutions. Those sort of vehicles are not only here, but will inevitably represent the largest paradigm shift in vehicle sales that we’ve ever seen. After all, the implication (to some point) is, ‘get onboard or get left behind’.


The problem? That automakers have, admittedly, struggled to find a means of combining sustainable technology with an aesthetic that’s actually pleasing to the eye and confident performance numbers. There have been successes, sure (you know who you are) but there have been far more failures. The result, many offerings that have the visual impact as a discounted computer mouse, and just as much power underneath the hood. As such, many of these technologies lack certain attributes (design, output) that could compel a naysayer to become a believer. BMW looks to change that.


BMW is no rookie in terms of EV offerings, having sold over 300,000 electrified vehicles to-date. Current strategies will place five-fully electric models in their lineup by 2021. That said, among the EV offerings/concepts that we have visibility of it should be said that the BMW i4 feels ‘different’ somehow. Of course, it speaks to sleek refinement and performance, but there’s something otherworldly about its design, a subtle-yet-noticeable push forward. We know that BMW will be reshaping many of its efforts around the iNext, the exclusive new SUV offering which will serve as the company’s flagship offering. But where does that position the i4? According to BMW chairman Harald Kruger, the i4 will be the core model for fully-electric offerings.


Take a look for yourself at what 2021 might bring, in terms of BMW’s new iNEXT.



While styling certainly takes a step into sci-fi territory (in my opinion) it does little to diminish the appeal of its visual cache. It ticks the right boxes in that regards and certainly represents something new and different, indicative of the future. And the i4 feels even more accessible, like a more accurate fashion of contemporary and futuristic design.


Unfortunately, aside from enticing visuals, we’re left with little more than memories and even less information as to the i4’s actual specs. If we use BMW’s iVision Dynamics concept as the bases for speculation, the electric range might be around 373 miles, with a 4-second sprint to 62 mph and a top speed of 125 mph. In terms of pricing, predictions are that the i4 will remain more accessibly-priced than say, the iX3. This would certainly place it among BMW’s most accessibly-priced EV offerings, even with the introductions they plan to make in the next few years. But will it prove popular among a more generalized audience?


What do you think? Do you like the BMW i4?